Meet the Pauleys

Scott Pauley was raised in the mountains of West Virginia. At a young age he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. As a twelve year old boy God called him to be a preacher. He attended The Crown College in Powell, Tennessee, and upon graduation served in the ministry of the Temple Baptist Church as Director of Student Ministries.

From 2004 to 2015 he served as Vice President of Crown College and an assistant to Pastor Clarence Sexton at the Temple Baptist Church. Dr. Pauley now travels full time in evangelism. His passion is to preach the gospel and he has a burden to influence this generation for Christ. He and his wife Tammy have three children: Morgan, Lauren, and Grant.


A Special Announcement to Our Friends!

By Scott Pauley | February 23, 2017

It is a great joy to announce the release of a writing project I have been working on for some time. The burden on my heart as an evangelist is to help train as many people as possible to engage where they are in the work of evangelism. Everyone needs the gospel of Jesus Christ! And every believer should be prepared to share it. And so the new resource… “Go!” is a training manual designed for use in Sunday School classes, Bible studies, soul winning training – anywhere believers could be stirred and equipped to witness! I have enjoyed writing the lessons and believe they will help to place an emphasis on eternity and the work of the gospel. One of…

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Do This Today for the President of the United States

By Scott Pauley | February 20, 2017

In my office at home is a bust of my favorite U.S. President. Since I was a boy I have admired the strength and gentleness of Abraham Lincoln. On a recent trip though Washington I made sure to drive our kids by Ford’s Theatre and the house across the street where Lincoln spent his last moments on this earth. He was a great American and a leader chosen by divine providence for his time. I am currently reading a brief biographical overview of each of the Presidents of the United States. They all differed greatly in personality, politics, and policies. One thing may be said of each, “God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another” (Psalm…

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Making the Most of the Evening Hours

By Scott Pauley | February 17, 2017

Through the years I have written a number of things about making the most of the mornings. (You may read several articles about how to begin your mornings here.) In Genesis 1 we repeatedly find the phrase, “the evening and the morning.” Evening hours and morning hours serve as bookends on each day. It is vital that we learn how to both begin and end with God. Interestingly enough, the Jewish people viewed the beginning of a new day in the evening. The Jewish day began at 6 pm. It was not just the ending of one day, it was the beginning of another. Evenings should be a time to reflect on God’s faithfulness that day and prepare your heart for the…

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Our March Itinerary and Update

By Scott Pauley | February 15, 2017

It is a joy to be home for a few days with the family. Preparations are being made for busy days ahead. We covet your prayers as we approach the month of March. Join us for one of these special meetings… Friday-Saturday, March 3-4 – Bound by Love Marriage Retreat, Northside Baptist Church, Nolansville, TX, Pastor Adam Garber Sunday-Tuesday, March 5-7 – Revival, Bethel Baptist Church, Turbotville, PA, Pastor Ron Bixler Friday, March 10 – Youth Rally, Freedom Baptist Church, Rural Hall, NC, Pastor Jon White Saturday, March 11 – Youth Event, Southview Baptist Church, Statesville, NC, Youth Director Jamel Hamka Sunday, March 12 – Southside Baptist Church, Pastor Kenneth Walters, Rock Hill, SC Wednesday, March 15 – Cranberry Baptist Church,…

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The Power of A Small Church

By Scott Pauley | February 13, 2017

Our generation is mesmerized by mega churches. As I have had the privilege to be in churches of all sizes, the words of my mentor, Pastor Clarence Sexton, have become more meaningful: “The greatness of a church is not in its size, but in its likeness to Jesus Christ.” “For who hath despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10) It seems that the Lord loves to use little things! Faith as a grain of mustard seed. The widow’s mite. A young boy’s lunch. Christ compared His work in this world to “one pearl of great price” hidden in a field (Matthew 13:45-46). Not a large field – a little pearl. He came to a small place on the map. “And…

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Think First!

By Scott Pauley | February 11, 2017

As children we were always instructed to think before we speak. Now, with children of my own, I realize that this is good advice for adults too. This simple rule would transform relationships and the very atmosphere in most homes! God’s Book of Wisdom cautions us not to be “hasty” with our words (Prov. 29:20). In the Proverbs of the New Testament the Holy Spirit counsels us to be “slow to speak” (James 1:19). We are all too quick to share our mind before we truly examine it! My dad has said through the years that there is a difference in responding and reacting. When we react we are operating in the flesh. When we respond with grace we are operating…

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Will You Do This In the Morning?

By Scott Pauley | February 6, 2017

In recent years I have come to realize the importance of the morning hours. There is something special about the quiet – and the coffee! – before the noise of the day. God desires, and deserves, the first. (Read more about the blessing of early mornings.) A friend once said to me that it was his practice not to speak to any man in the morning until first he had spoken to the Lord. David wrote in Psalm 5:3, “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” Most people look at their phones as soon as they awake. We look in the mirror. We look at…

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A Tool to Help Your Prayer Life

By Scott Pauley | January 31, 2017

Last week I shared a special announcement about a free downloadable resource that will be available each month. It is hard to believe that this is the last day of the first month of a new year! In just a few hours we will conclude January of 2017. My prayer is that you have not only made a good start to this year, but that you will continue to make every day count for Christ! With that in mind, I would like to make available to you the first of this year’s “Tools to Strengthen Believers.” Several years ago as I studied the life of Daniel the Holy Spirit drew my attention to the fact that the devil tried to get…

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We Need Your Help

By Scott Pauley | January 27, 2017

Tomorrow we will drive to Gray, Tennessee. At 2:00 p.m., Saturday we will be part of a special prayer rally with churches from around the Tri-Cities. For weeks we have been talking and praying with pastors. Our burden is simple: to see souls saved and to train soul winners. True revival among believers always leads to a gospel advance. We need your help. Will you help us? Please pray. Pray for the faithful pastors and churches in this region. Pray for the effort to get the gospel to every household. Pray for a spiritual awakening. If possible, pause and join us in prayer wherever you are between 2:00 and 4:00 this Saturday. Help us in prayer for the next 90…

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Our February Itinerary and A Personal Word

By Scott Pauley | January 26, 2017

I want to thank you for taking time to read the posts on Enjoying the Journey. Thank you for keeping up with our family and praying for us. Every week I meet people who are faithfully interceding. Almost daily I hear from individuals who are laboring with us in prayer. There are many more who I do not know, but they are known to God. Thank you. God is answering your prayers. Doors are opening for the gospel. Souls are coming to Christ. God’s people are seeking the Lord for revival in our day. We give God all of the glory! And I know that at the judgment seat of Christ those who have quietly, faithfully done the hard work…

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