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Four months from today I will fly to India. One of my prayers in evangelism was that God would open doors for us to preach the gospel in other countries and help to train gospel laborers in those places. He is answering that prayer. Dr. P.D. Cherian is being mightily used of God at the South India Baptist Bible College. I am happy to help him in that needy part of the world. India alone has 1.3 billion souls who need the message of Christ. In January 2018 we will be conducting a special evangelistic campaign. Please pray that God would give an abundant harvest of souls. We are trusting the Lord for “great and mighty things.” Many from that…

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You Have To Read This!

Every week I read things that I think are helpful. Often I recommend these resources to others or quote a particularly helpful statement from an author. Occasionally I read something that so convicts me and challenges me I go back to it again and again. Such is the case with a brief piece written by G.D. Watson (1845-1924). Watson was a Wesleyan Methodist who ministered in Los Angeles. I post it in its entirety with the prayer that you will meditate on it and allow it to search your own heart. OTHERS MAY, YOU CANNOT Matthew 16:24-25 If God has called you to be truly like Jesus in all your spirit, He will draw you into a life of crucifixion…

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Now That You Are Called

Several weeks ago I published a short post on how to know when you have been called. (You may read the original post here.) It was encouraging to hear from so many who are sincerely praying about the Lord’s will for their life. We need more people laboring for souls, not fewer! I had the privilege of having lunch with a couple of young men recently who surrendered to be preachers in a youth meeting last year. Our conversation was a reminder that those who have been called must begin immediately to both prepare and act on the call of God upon their lives. The night that I yielded my life to God’s will a wise old preacher said to…

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“How Do You Know When You Have Been Called?”

When the Lord first began dealing with me about being a preacher I asked my dad, “How do you know when you are called to preach?” He gave what I thought was a vague answer at the time. “You’ll just know.” Now, I find myself giving the same answer to others! He was right. You will know. A divine call is inescapable. You can disobey it but you will know it. For the record, I believe in a divine call to the ministry. It is my conviction that the ministry of a preacher or some other form of vocational Christian service is not something that we choose for ourselves – it is something that God chooses for us. If I…

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I Only Have One Message

Scott Pauley Bible Preaching Slide

Dr. Tom Malone used to joke about having five sermons and five hundred titles. My pastor challenged me years ago to work constantly at preparing new Bible messages. That counsel has been of inestimable value to me. It is easy to let your soul grow stale when the Bible is so fresh! As I have labored to study and prepare new messages I have come back to one essential. It was one of the first homiletics lessons I ever received. As a teenage preacher, struggling over what to preach in a certain meeting, my dad extended to me a priceless truth. He said, “When you don’t know what to preach, just preach Jesus.” Then he added, “And when you think…

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NEW: Our 2017 Summer Schedule!

On this unofficial beginning of summer our family is ministering in North Carolina. School is out and it is a special joy to have Tammy and the kids with me on the road. The weeks ahead will be filled with meetings along with a little down time with the family. Please pray that God would use us for His glory in these services and soul winning efforts… June 4, Sunday morning service, Calvary Independent Baptist Church, Quarryville, PA, Pastor Daniel Crisman June 4, Sunday evening service, Faith Baptist Church, Plymouth, PA, Pastor Bryan Dodson June 5, Monday prayer meeting and preaching service, 10-12, Faith Baptist Church, Plymouth, PA, Pastor Bryan Dodson June 11, Sunday morning service, Central Baptist Church, Panama…

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A Deepening Conviction

Every conviction in our hearts should grow out of God’s Word. With the passage of time those convictions that are founded in eternal truth only deepen. The Holy Ghost confirms again and again that Bible convictions are true in every circumstance. Like God, His truth does not change. At this stage of life and ministry one of my Bible convictions that has grown stronger is my conviction about the Bible itself. As I watch the power of the gospel at work…As I witness the mysterious moving of God’s Word in the hearts of people in every place…As I see the transformative work of one verse of Scripture in my own soul…I am more convinced than ever – the Bible is…

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Our Itinerary for January 2016

In a few weeks we will launch a new website. We hope that ScottPauley.org will provide gospel resources as well as encouragement to believers, families, and churches. It will also give us a means to publish our itinerary. Tammy, Morgan, Lauren, Grant, and I hope to see many friends as we conduct meetings over the coming year. Most of all, we are asking those we love to pray for us that God will use us for His glory. Until the website is ready our monthly schedule will be posted here. Please help us pray for the following meetings in January 2016: Sunday morning and evening, January 3 – Rich Creek Baptist Church, Spanishburg, WV, Pastor Ralph Calfee Sunday morning and evening, January…

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Getting More Out of This Sunday’s Sermon

Over the last few days I have been in numerous meetings where someone was preaching the Bible.  The messages were delivered by different men with varied styles, but in each sermon I heard the Voice of One far greater than the preacher.  When someone is preaching the Word of God it is the Spirit of truth that is speaking.  And there is nothing like hearing His voice. I was reminded of this recently when I arrived in another city to preach.  I was scheduled to speak second after a man who I did not know well.  Because of travel I came in a few minutes after the meeting had begun and took my seat in the auditorium.  My mind immediately…

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Why I Believe In Saying, “Amen!”

Amen.  It is usually the last word. It is the last word in the model prayer.  It is the last word of the Bible.  It is found about 30 times in the Old Testament, and at least 50 times in the New Testament.  It is a word that should be used by believers who know the truth. I grew up in country churches where the sound of people saying, “Amen” was well-known.  I have visited in churches where people were very quiet and subdued.  In both, I have heard the Word of God and sensed the Voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me.  There is nothing more spiritual about a boisterous personality, but there is something wonderfully encouraging about…

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