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A New Song – An Eternal Message

Frequently in my sermons I tell the story of some great Christian hymn. The background to a song often opens up the message in a more meaningful way. I am currently reading Al Smith’s Treasury of Hymn Histories and my heart has been blessed again by the way God works in the hearts of His people and the songs that grow out of those experiences. Sadly, very few hymns are written today. Even fewer are rooted in Scripture. It is rare and refreshing to hear a new song that is deeply grounded in the truth of God’s Word. The term “gospel” has come to describe more a style of music than the substance of the song. I believe the word…

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One Month Away

Last night I had the joy to be in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a wonderful tent meeting. God met with us in a special way. In just 4 weeks the Southwide Baptist Fellowship will meet here at the Franklin Road Baptist Church. Pastor Mike Norris and his gracious people will be wonderful hosts and this is a meeting you will not want to miss. The Southwide Baptist Fellowship will meet October 9-11. I look forward to the meeting and believe that the Lord will use it to encourage us all in “fellowship of the gospel” (Philippians 1:5). We are praying much for this meeting and hope you will make plans to join us! Below is a link to a postcard that…

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A Free Resource for Evangelism

tools to evangelize, encourage, equip strengthening believers through helpful resources

We are only days away from 9/11. So many thoughts and emotions come to our minds as we approach this day of memorial. For those of us who know Christ, one of our thoughts should be that people who are bound in false religion desperately need the good news of Jesus. Recently I was speaking in a meeting filled with enthusiastic believers. The Holy Spirit prompted me to share my experience of being in Cairo, Egypt many years ago and being awakened by the Muslim call to prayer. On that Friday many sincere people spread out their prayer mats and began to pray toward Mecca. In my message I said, “This is dead religion. Sincere, but empty. Only Jesus can…

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Have You Ordered the “GO” Kit?

Just a few month’s ago I had the privilege of writing five Bible studies on witnessing. They are designed to both inspire and instruct believers to begin sharing their faith right where they are. Each lesson provides a thorough exposition of a passage of Scripture, a teachable outline, helpful illustrations, and practical applications. There are a variety of uses for the lessons. Several pastors have told me they have used them in Sunday School classes, small group studies, or even in their Wednesday night services. These lessons will help to place a one month emphasis on both the power and responsibility of the gospel. You do not have to order multiple copies of the lessons. When you order the kit…

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An Open Letter About Our May Campaign

We are quickly approaching an exciting 4 day campaign in May. Please help us pray and share this important information. Below I am posting an open letter that is being sent to area churches throughout the Tri-Cities region of Tennessee and Virginia. There are three ways you can help us: Add this to your personal prayer list. We need intercessors! Come and bring a group to some part of the campaign. Share the following information with anyone you may know in that area. Thank you for having a part in this special gospel effort… Dear friend, The need of our nation is for a true spiritual awakening. There is nothing wrong with hearts and homes that the gospel of the…

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We Need More Evangelists!

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We do not need more sermonizers, organizers, and motivators. We need more evangelists. Not just the kind who travel from place to place preaching in meetings. Our world is in desperate need for gospel consumed, Spirit-controlled, eternity conscious believers. People passionate about reaching souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelists. The work of evangelism is not just for evangelists. In fact, most evangelism will never be done within the confines of a church building or in the structure of an evangelistic crusade. The gospel is most effective one on one…just like Jesus deals with every sinner. Evangelism is one recipient of the good news sharing that good news with someone else. The word evangelism is rooted in the word “evangel,” literally,…

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A Personal Invitation to CORE 2017

One of Satan’s greatest tools is discouragement. I am afraid that many preachers are so disillusioned with the condition of our nation that they wonder if there is anything they can do to make a difference. This is a strategy of the wicked one. Never has a generation of believers had so much opportunity for the gospel! We must not allow our hope to diminish or our expectation to die. Christ is at work, and we should be too! There is nothing wrong in this world that the gospel cannot fix, and there is nothing missing in churches that revival could not supply! I am very happy to be a part of a special upcoming event, the first ever Conference On Revival…

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A Christian’s Duty to Law Enforcement

We have had many dear friends though the years who serve in law enforcement. I was reminded again this week that those who protect and serve are special people. They have families. They hurt. They live under stress and strain that few people ever know. They are not perfect, but they deserve our respect and desire our prayers. We need them and they need us. My son and I were walking through downtown Dallas. Just days before, a madman had opened fire on a large crowd, targeting Dallas police officers. Five were slain. Across the street from Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, I approached two Dallas police officers. They were guarding yet another street that was…

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Daily Witness (Daily Living – Part 8)

Every day is a gift. Yes, they are a gift from God, but for the discerning Christian they are also a gift to God. The Lord grants us breath, health, and strength. We, in turn, give each day back to Him as a gift of gratitude. The Lord gives life and we are to live each day for His glory. O, how selfish we can become! Our needs. Our wants. Our plans. Our schedules. All the while God is waiting on us to realize that He has a work for us to do. And those around us are waiting too. Every day there are precious souls within reach of our testimony. Lost, wandering people in search of something. Hurting hearts.…

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An Interesting Woman and a Sermon I Needed to Hear

Through the years I have met many interesting people on airplanes.  Everyone has a story and a simple conversation with a stranger can be memorable.  I have tried to pray as I board a flight that God would put me next to the person He wants me to get acquainted with.  Often it has allowed me to minister in some way. This week God put someone next to me to minister to me.  Across the aisle sat a man, a university professor, headed to a wedding.  He was friendly enough but not really interested in talking about spiritual things.  To my right was an Asian woman, headed to a funeral, and intensely interested in discussing Christ. They could not have…

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