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Family Vacations

In a few weeks school will be out and summer will be in full swing. This is the time of year that young people (and their parents!) begin counting the days until vacation. Like many of you, we are planning a few days away with family and look forward to the time together. As a boy so many wonderful memories were made on family vacations. They did not have to be long or expensive trips – it was just the fact that we were all together, away from the normal routines and demands of life. Just this week a young father who serves in ministry told me how excited he is about a special family vacation that is upcoming. It reminded…

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An Open Letter About Our May Campaign

We are quickly approaching an exciting 4 day campaign in May. Please help us pray and share this important information. Below I am posting an open letter that is being sent to area churches throughout the Tri-Cities region of Tennessee and Virginia. There are three ways you can help us: Add this to your personal prayer list. We need intercessors! Come and bring a group to some part of the campaign. Share the following information with anyone you may know in that area. Thank you for having a part in this special gospel effort… Dear friend, The need of our nation is for a true spiritual awakening. There is nothing wrong with hearts and homes that the gospel of the…

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One of the Most Helpful Chapters I Have Ever Read

Are you facing any decision right now? In need of guidance? Searching for direction? Almost two years ago I came to a crossroad in my life. We all make many decisions every day, but there are seasons of decision-making that alter the course of our own life and the lives of others. These are critical moments. Reflecting back on that period there are many things that I realize the Lord used to guide me into His will. Day after day my prayer was, “Lead me in a plain path” (Psalm 27:11). He answered that prayer. Wise counsel. Divine confirmations. Peace. Answers to prayer. Specific Scriptures. The Holy Spirit used all of this and more to direct my steps. Outside of…

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10 Suggestions for Those Who Work With Youth

Thank God for faithful youth workers. As a parent of two teenagers I realize more than ever that no one raises their children alone. My wife and I praise God for every youth pastor, youth pastor’s wife, teacher, coach, administrator, and choir leader who influence our children…and we pray for them. We need them. Our kids need them. The role of youth leaders is more indispensable than ever. They cannot take the place of parents or the pastor, but they can extend the influence of both. Youth workers are key in strengthening two God ordained institutions – the home and the local church. Much of our ministry has been with young people and helping to train those who work with…

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Our April Itinerary

Scott Pauley Preaching

The last few days of March will be very busy. We are excited about the opportunities before us in April. Only the Lord knows how long we have to serve Him – Jesus could come today! Until then, we want to be faithful in the work of revival and the gospel. Several folks have asked about our itinerary recently. Although we have tentatively scheduled meetings well into the future, we only post our schedule online about 60 days out. If you have a question about meetings beyond what is posted please feel free to email us at any time. It has been a joy to reunite with so many friends while on the road. God bless you for your continued prayers for…

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One Thing I Do Not Do With Social Media

Some time ago a friend said to me, “Do you ever have a bad day?” I laughed. Of course, we all have bad days. When I inquired as to why he would ask such a question he said that my social media posts always seemed to be very positive. He was right. I have purposefully not announced struggles and stresses on social media. In fact, I promised God that I would not use it for that reason. Too often social media is used as an outlet for the flesh. It is a convenient way to “vent” and complain. Perhaps we do so because it fosters pity. The flesh likes pity. Words matter…even words on social media. “Death and life are…

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Preparing for the Go Reach America Campaign

In two months we will conduct a very special campaign in the Tri-Cities region of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, Tennessee. 17 sponsoring churches are working together for the purpose of winning souls and training soul winners! The campaign begins at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 3 with an area-wide prayer rally. On Thursday and Friday, May 4-5, at 7 pm revival meetings will be held to stir God’s people to seek the Lord and to seek the salvation of the lost. Saturday, May 6 will include evangelism training at 10 am, afternoon soul winning efforts, and a God Bless America Rally at 5 pm. A large crowd of believers gathered in prayer to launch this campaign several weeks ago.…

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