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Archive for November 2019

Today Is The Deadline!

We are so excited about the Conference On Revival And Evangelism (CORE) , January 7-9, 2020. This is a powerful way to begin a new year of ministry. The theme is VISION 2020, and the emphasis is on a renewed vision of God, a vision for souls, revival, and the local church. Today is the deadline for early registration. On November 1 the registration fee increases. If you are planning to join us I would like to encourage you to go to now and register. The meeting is being hosted by Pastor Tim Rabon and the wonderful people at Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. I am excited about the opportunity to speak with Evangelist Tom Farrell, Evangelist John…

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Thanksgiving Meditations

Through the years I have written a number of brief articles on the subject of gratitude. From time to time we all must be reminded how good God has been and how worthy He is of our praise! I thought that today you may enjoy reading one of these Bible meditations in your personal devotional time. Perhaps you could read one with your family as you gather to give thanks. My Thanksgiving List In One Sentence God’s Greatest Provision Why I Am Grateful For What I Never Got For Thanksgiving Day WHO Are You Thankful For? Don’t just “be thankful” – “give thanks!” Personally, intentionally, specifically set aside time today to give God praise and praise Him to others. We…

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No Substitute For Time

We are fast approaching the season of the year where vast sums of money will be spent on things. More stuff. Newer stuff. Nicer stuff. But, just stuff. It would be good for all of us to take a fresh accounting of true riches. As a boy I heard Adrian Rogers say, “To find out how rich you are, add up everything that money cannot buy and death cannot take away.” The most priceless thing that any of us have is time. Time is the currency of life, and it is limited. Once spent, you never get it back! In many ways every day is like a dollar, meant to be used wisely… Time will be spent. Time can be…

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4 Suggestions For Preachers

Augustus Toplady, author of the great hymn “Rock Of Ages,” was twenty-eight years old when he spent an afternoon in London with an older preacher whom he admired greatly. The advice that an aged Mr. Brewer gave to that young minister has been passed along to me. I am amazed at its relevance to our day and reminded that times change but truth does not. Toplady was so affected by the counsel that he recorded Brewer’s words in his diary. I pass them along to you with a prayer that the Holy Ghost will help us all to apply them wherever we may serve. “I cannot conclude without reminding you, my young brother, of some things that may be of…

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Come, Go With Us!

In just over a year we will be hosting a special Bible study tour in the land of the Bible. If you have ever wanted to go to Israel, this is a wonderful opportunity. Tammy and I hope that you will come and go with us, November 30-December 9, 2020! You can find the itinerary and find full details on our website by clicking here. Space is limited and filling up. No deposit is due until next year, however, if you would like to reserve your spot I would recommend that you send in a registration form now. My friend, Pastor Tim Butler and his wife Jennie are helping to coordinate this very special tour. Take three minutes to watch…

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Would You Help Us?

Rarely do I post anything on a Saturday night but this is special. On Tuesday one of my dearest friends and fellow laborers is leaving for Iraq. God has called him and his family to labor in that needy part of our world. I have been challenged by their faith and believe that our Master has divine appointments for them there. Over the last months they have seen definite provision and preparation for the work they have been given to do. In recent days a Christian businessman offered to match gifts up to $20,000 and many others have given sacrificially. God’s people have been wonderful. Tammy and I are honored to have a part and happy to ask others to…

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What We Miss While We Are Looking At Our Phones

Have you noticed? Everyone is looking at their mobile device…constantly! In the grocery store. Around the dinner table. Driving down the road. Walking through town. Consumed with a digital world, we are no longer conscious of the world God placed us in. Concerned about connections and messages we are losing real relationships with those who are closest to us on earth. We have added so much information and interaction to life – have we stopped to consider what we may be losing? While we are looking at our phones… We miss what is above us. When you are always looking down it is impossible to look up. Recently I walked outside and paused for a moment to look up. The…

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What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

The Word of God is an amazing book. Only through its divine lens do we begin to see clearly. Without it our view of reality is skewed by sin and clouded by the world around us. God’s Word is a window that shows us God. The Bible sheds light on who God is. As we gaze through it we are given a vision of his holiness. God’s Word is a telescope that shows us the future. It is full of prophecy – looking beyond this sad, broken world and into eternity. With eyes of faith we see what cannot be seen around us now (Hebrews 11:1). God’s Word is a microscope that shows us truth. Scripture reveals the truth about…

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New Podcast Series!

Today we conclude our podcast series on “What The Bible Says…” I am more convinced than ever that this is a day where we must know what we believe, why we believe it, and how we can share it with others. If you missed any of the episodes you can listen to the entire study here. On Monday we begin a brand new series from 1 Thessalonians 5. It is one of the most practical sections in all of Scripture for a child of God. On one page we find The Lord’s “To Do” List for us. We live by lists in so many areas of life: reminders of what is important. The Christian life cannot be reduced to a…

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