Enjoying the Journey

5 Books To Read As Commentaries

By Scott Pauley | August 4, 2020 |

Frequently I am asked what Bible commentaries I would recommend. This is a broad question without an easy answer. Some commentators are better on some books than others. For example, if I am going to study the Psalms I would be sure to have Charles Spurgeon’s Treasury of David. I would not think of studying Philippians without Guy King’s Joy Way. And it would be very wise to have Andrew Murray’s The Holiest of All nearby as you walk through Hebrews. Personally I love F.B. Meyers expositions of Scripture and especially Bible characters. (Click here to view a good recommended book list compiled by Dr. Clarence Sexton on each book of the Bible.) There is not one book that is…

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Our August Schedule

By Scott Pauley | July 30, 2020 |

The adventure continues! Following Christ is always an adventure but the current situation in our world makes it even more so. These are days where we must exercise faith at every turn, and how wonderful it is to see the Lord leading. Today I have had the joy of speaking to a group of pastors from Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia in an online meeting. I preached a recorded gospel message to be used in England in a few days and tonight I am to speak to a group of teenagers through a zoom conference. Who would have imagined?!? Still, with all of the technological opportunities, I am most happy to be back in churches for in-person meetings and…

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5 Books To Read To Help Young People

By Scott Pauley | July 28, 2020 |

Much of my ministry has been connected to young people. It was my privilege to serve for many years as a church youth director. I enjoyed teaching youth ministry at a college level and continue to enjoy working with camps and youth conferences. The most important “youth ministry” I have been part of is having teenagers of our own! I wish that there were many books that I felt comfortable recommending on youth ministry. Far too much that is written is man-centered and felt-needs oriented. We must always begin with God’s truth and then make the application to people of every age. Here are a few books that provide a variety of helps for young people and those who work…

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Next Stop: The Numbers Psalms

By Scott Pauley | July 27, 2020 |

Life is a journey and the fourth section of the Psalms, known as the Numbers Psalms, shows us the goodness and guidance of God along that journey. If we want to move forward we must look up! At every twist and turn in life God’s Word provides direction to make right decisions. Today on our Enjoying the Journey broadcast we begin Psalms 90-106 with a study of the oldest Psalm in the Bible. I hope you will open God’s Word with us and open your heart to all the Lord has for you at this stage on your journey. Thank you for listening each day. It is a privilege to study the Scriptures with you. (If you would like to…

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Update on the Rest Conference

By Scott Pauley | July 24, 2020 |

Many of you have asked in recent days about this year’s Rest Conference. Pastor Scott Hooks and I, along with our wives, love hosting this meeting each September. It is a refreshing time in God’s Word and with many of God’s servants. Due to the unusual situation this year with COVID-19 restrictions we have decided to make some adjustments to the schedule. We will not be gathering in Hickory, NC as normal. Please note the following: We will be hosting an online conversation on Tuesday, September 8 for pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers. This will be an encouraging few minutes and I hope you will make plans to join us. More details will be sent out soon about how you…

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