Enjoying the Journey

Pray for Your Pastor

By Scott Pauley | November 17, 2012 | 2 Comments

It was a great privilege to grow up in a pastor’s home.  My dad has pastored the same church for over two decades.  My grandfather was a pastor and several uncles are pastors.  I love pastors.  For the last 15 years I have served under the same pastor, and am very grateful to God that my family has a faithful shepherd that watches for our souls. I have learned that pastors live under a great burden for the flock God has given them.  Most church members view their pastor as someone who exists for them.  While it is true that God gave pastors to feed the flock and equip them for ministry, it is equally true that God gives people…

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The Forgotten Ministry

By Scott Pauley | November 13, 2012 | 9 Comments

In recent weeks the Lord has been dealing with me about so many weaknesses in my own prayer life.  One of the most glaring has been my failure in the matter of intercessory prayer.  Perhaps no where is our selfishness more on display than in our prayer life.  “Lord, bless my four, and no more” is not so far removed from the reality of most of our prayers. When we do pray for others by name it seems that it is often motivated by our sheer frustration with them!  We are much better at praying imprecatory prayers (praying against others) than we are intercessory prayers (praying for others).  The heart of Jesus is one of an intercessor.  Read John 17…

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Forward On The Journey!

By Scott Pauley | November 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

Walking with God is a life long journey.  I am very grateful that along the way there are people who come along side to encourage us.  So many distractions would have become detours if it had not been for more mature travelers who guided us forward. The beloved apostle John tells us about a good man named Gaius who made it his business to help others stay on the right path.  In fact, John wrote to him with full confidence that he would help bring God’s servants “forward on their journey” (3 John 6).  We know that God is always moving forward.  In the words of Hudson Taylor, “God is always advancing.”  But at times it seems everything has conspired…

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Help! I Have A Teenager?!?

By Scott Pauley | November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

This past Sunday our oldest daughter, Morgan, turned thirteen.  Is that possible?  Where have the years gone?  Tammy and I are very grateful to God for all of our children…and our teenager. I told someone recently that I have been preaching to teenagers for years, but I never had to take one home at night!  It is different.  I have fewer answers and more questions and I appreciate my parents more every day. It was Mark Twain who suggested, “When a child turns 12 you should put him in a barrel, nail the lid down and feed him through a knot hole.  When he turns 16, plug the hole.”  Unfortunately, we have not found a Bible verse to support this,…

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Having Good Days in the Midst of Evil Days

By Scott Pauley | November 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

One of the great privileges of serving at Crown College through the years has been the opportunity to hear so many wonderful Bible messages.  Pastor Sexton brings faithful preachers to the college chapel hour each week.  Today our friend, Dr. Dan Reed, brought one of the most encouraging messages I have ever heard. He spoke on the subject of enjoying the journey from 1 Peter 3.  God gives a prescription for those “that will love life, and see good days” (v. 10).  For the record, I am one of those!  I would encourage you to spend a little time meditating on this powerful passage and to apply God’s instructions. In the message Dr. Reed stated that there were three types…

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