Enjoying the Journey

Working through Your Weariness

By Scott Pauley | March 8, 2013 |

This afternoon I had the privilege to spend a few minutes with some of our staff and faculty at Crown Southwest in Fort Worth, Texas.  I thank God for Christian workers who are diligently seeking to pass God’s Word and work on to another generation.  I shared a simple thought with them that has been a great encouragement to me.  The best workers get tired.  Jesus did.  In His perfect humanity, He still grew weary. John 4:5 tells us that “Jesus therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well: and it was about the sixth hour.”  In the middle of the day, in the middle of the work, Jesus grew weary. Weariness is a part of life…

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Aquila and Priscilla: A Biblical Marriage

By Scott Pauley | March 4, 2013 |

God’s design is for families to serve Christ together in a New Testament church.  As we find our place in the Lord’s work, every member of the family is blessed and the local church is strengthened.  Aquila and Priscilla demonstrate what a married couple should be in a New Testament church.  We are first introduced to this family during Paul’s ministry in Corinth (Acts 18:1-3).  It is clear that Aquila was not a pastor.  Tentmakers by trade, this husband and wife lived for Christ in one of the most worldly cities of the Roman empire.  As they were faithful to the Lord Jesus, God gave them the opportunity to be a blessing to others. God used this couple to encourage…

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Married Couples Serving God Together

By Scott Pauley | March 2, 2013 |

My wife and I just returned from our annual couples’ retreat. We had the joy of spending some extra time with my favorite couple: my dad and mom. Their example has been wonderful instruction. One of the great joys of my life has been to see my father and mother serve the Lord together. There are few gifts parents can give their children that are as great in value as the example of joyfully serving Christ as a couple. My pastor and his wife recently celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. Their marriage testifies to the power of following the biblical pattern for a husband and wife – giving ourselves first to God and then to one another. In relation to…

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Resources Just for Youth Workers

By Scott Pauley | February 26, 2013 |

Today we had the privilege to host a number of youth directors on our campus at Crown College.  In the luncheon we discussed plans to begin a new youth fellowship for East Tennessee, the Smoky Mountain Youth Fellowship.  I am excited about the possibilities and encouraged to know so many youth workers with a heart to reach and teach Teens for Christ. We shared with these fine people a number of resources that have been designed to help youth workers in local churches.  I wanted to share them with you.  Take advantage of all that you can and feel free to share them with others.  We don’t have all of the answers.  (The longer I work with teens the more…

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Why I Write In A Journal Every Day

By Scott Pauley | February 22, 2013 |

At the end of 2008 I decided that I would try to begin writing in a journal each day.  I am sitting in my study tonight looking back through old journals.  The Lord has been so very good to me.  There have been difficult days, but these pages are filled with the faithfulness of God. For me, writing in a journal each day has been the most helpful daily discipline I have ever followed, outside of prayer and the reading of God’s Word.  David kept a journal.  Read the Psalms.  I have the journal of David Brainerd and George Muller.  People keep a journal for different reasons, but there have been several benefits for me. 1.  A journal helps me…

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