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Guest Post: “When Two Worlds Collide”

By Scott Pauley | July 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

Mark Fowler and his wife Stephanie have been special friends to me and Tammy since college. The Lord is using them to lead a growing church in Elizabethton, TN. We had the privilege to be there again recently and were so blessed. His guest post and the available resource will be a help to many. Thanks for reading! Please share it with others… Is it possible to live in two worlds at once? As a child of God we live each day in the reality of two worlds. We know the Bible teaches us that we are a citizen of heaven and that we are pilgrims in this world. The daily struggle we face is that this world is all…

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Don’t Miss A Special Broadcast Tomorrow!

By Scott Pauley | June 29, 2018 | 2 Comments

Today we finish our “Journey Through Scripture” podcast series. So many of you have let us know that you have been making the journey with us and have helped to share it with others. Thank you. Tomorrow we are releasing an episode that is a special word to our listeners. This informal conversation is the only weekend broadcast we have ever done. It is an epilogue of sorts with a special resource that I am excited to make available. I know it is Saturday, but would you take the time to listen? You can find all of the podcasts archived and listen to the new one at scottpauley.org/broadcast. Those who participate will be able to receive a ready reference tool…

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My New Favorite Bible Character

By Scott Pauley | June 27, 2018 | 6 Comments

Do you have a favorite Bible character? Each one has some message for us. They may serve as a positive example or a negative example. At different times, they may be both! Over the last few months I have been spending a lot of time with John the Baptist. He has come alive to me. He is the greatest man born of woman according to Jesus. That’s quite an endorsement. Yet he had his struggles. Even his questions. There are a number of wonderful things written about the life of John the Baptist. One of my personal favorites was written by F.B. Meyer. It has made me think of so many truths. I have decided that our next “Enjoying the…

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Praise God For Preachers

By Scott Pauley | June 25, 2018 | 0 Comments

Thank the Lord for faithful preachers of God’s Word. We need them more than ever and we need more of them! As I travel my appreciation for the Lord’s servants grows. Most pastors are not well known, many are carrying a load no one knows about. They are shepherds. I am an evangelist, but I am trying to help pastors all that I can. Anyone can come through town and preach a few sermons. It is the faithful pastor feeding the flock that keeps the church strong. Like the Good Shepherd, the pastor stays with the sheep to guide and protect them. Preachers often serve in sacrificial ways that are not considered. For many years my dad served as a…

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How To Make This The Greatest Summer Of Your Life

By Scott Pauley | June 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

Today is the official beginning of summer. Students will tell you that summer begins the moment they are out of school. For adults, summer doesn’t seem to begin until you leave work for that first day of vacation. It means something different to everyone but almost everyone (except for pastors!) will tell you they love this time of year. Summer is one of the most anticipated and one of the most wasted seasons of the whole year. The warm months are often a time of sloth and spiritual retreat when they could be an opportunity for growth. The vacation mentality too easily permeates every part of our life and instead of rest we retreat. Fast-forward three months from today…Where do you…

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