Enjoying the Journey

The Years Are Passing Too Quickly

By Scott Pauley | February 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

I know, I know – I sound like an old man.  Suddenly all of the things I heard the “old people” say years ago are making so much sense! Last week Morgan (our oldest) was going through some old pictures.  Really old pictures.  Back before iPods, iPhones, and digital photography.  Back in the “old days” when we took rolls to Wal-Mart and had them developed.  Back when pictures ended up in books and boxes, not in online folders. She found a picture of the first snow man that we built together.  There we are in the back yard of our first house with a fine specimen of Frosty.  Good memories. Today, like most of the southern states, we were blasted with…

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Praying the Proverbs

By Scott Pauley | February 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

Many years ago someone suggested to me that I make a practice of reading a passage in the book of Proverbs every day.  It is a book of wisdom for living – and I for one need that wisdom!  If you read the chapter that corresponds with the day of the month you can easily stay on schedule and read through all 31 chapters in a month. A few weeks ago I began a new journey through this powerful book.  I have read the chapters often and memorized many of the verses.  But this trip through Solomon’s proverbs has been different.  I have tried to personalize each verse. Nothing makes truth personal like prayer – taking it to heart and…

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My First Sermon and What I am Now Learning From It

By Scott Pauley | February 1, 2014 | 2 Comments

On a Thursday night in July of 1989 God made clear to me that He wanted me to be a preacher.  I was 12 years old and full of fear about the future.  Today I am more grateful to God than ever to be in the ministry. My first sermon behind a pulpit was given on Sunday, August 27, 1989.  Several young preachers were speaking in an afternoon youth rally.  My sermon was a simple one, taken no doubt from something that I had read or heard from someone else!  “I Have a Secret” was the title.  The Scripture I chose was the story of Paul pleading the case of Onesimus to Philemon.  It is the story of a man…

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When Young People Ask Hard Questions

By Scott Pauley | January 29, 2014 | 1 Comment

Questions are opportunities to teach.  God gave explicit instructions to Israel about what to say when your children ask (Deuteronomy 6:20-25).  And ask they will!  All of us who have young people in our homes are well acquainted with the question, “Why?”  It is the way we answer that determines the outcome. Recently I allowed the young people in our Academy to submit anonymously questions that have troubled them.  I was overwhelmed by the response.  Sincere questions and concerns.  Some doctrinal, some personal – family, eternity, morality, God, the Bible, and relationships.  We have since tried to schedule chapel speakers who could address specific topics that are on their minds. Questions cannot be ignored.  In fact, they should be encouraged.…

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The Rising Death Toll

By Scott Pauley | January 28, 2014 | 3 Comments

I enjoy laughter and love life.  I wish that every thought could be a happy one.  But that is not the world in which we live.  Ours is a day of spiritual warfare.  It seems the attack is stronger than ever and the casualties are great. War is a terrible thing.  Death is inevitable.  In World War I over 16 million people were killed.  More than 75 million in World War II.  1.2 million in the Korean Conflict.  3.8 million in Vietnam.  The death toll continues in the modern War on Terror.  We read the statistics, but it is the realization of one truth that is most staggering: every number was an eternal soul. Stand at the Vietnam Memorial and…

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