Enjoying the Journey


Our July Schedule

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for the prayers of God’s people. I am humbled and honored by the many who pray for us each day. Your labor is not in vain. One half of 2018 is almost gone! Next week we will email our quarterly newsletter and I would love to send it with you. Our family has some news we are excited to share. If you have not already subscribed to our newsletter you may do so by giving us your email address here. I am looking forward to the month of July and the opportunities that lie ahead. Please pray with us for the following meetings: Sunday, July 1 – Morning Services, Pleasant Beach Baptist…

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A Personal Evangelist

Permit me to share with you something personal that God has been doing in my own heart. Week after week I am introduced to speak in some public meeting as an “evangelist.” Am I? Are you? In our world the term has become synonymous with one who travels extensively and preaches publicly. The evangelist is one whose great passion in the salvation of lost souls. This passion is not bound by geography or confined to a certain setting. It is the passion of his life. I am currently helping to teach an online class for the Crown Graduate School and Seminary on “Teaching and Preaching the Bible.” The students were required recently to read one of D.L. Moody’s gospel messages.…

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Our June Ministry Schedule

small partner with us

Hello, praying friends! Thank you for standing with us on your knees. We need your prayers more than ever and are conscious every day that someone is praying. God bless you. The summer is a busy one. We are taking a few days off the road in the middle of this month for some much needed time away with family. Thank you for your love and support. May God give you and your family the greatest summer ever! We would love to see you at one of these meetings in the coming month… Sunday, June 3, Morning Services – New Hope Baptist Church, Madison, WV, Pastor Ray Barker Monday-Friday, June 4-8, Teen Camp – Indian Creek Baptist Camp, Mauckport, IN,…

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Last Week’s Report And A Challenge For The Future

Just a few days ago we hosted a county-wide baccalaureate service for the graduating seniors of our home county. God blessed in a marvelous way. Hundreds of seniors, parents, grandparents, and friends gathered at a local high school auditorium. The Lord used a great team of volunteers, local churches, business sponsors, donors, and prayer partners. It was truly an exciting thing to be a small part. Seniors from area schools testified, led the music, and sang. Stirring challenges were shared by the State Highway Police Chaplain and a member of the State Board of Education. (Read the local newspaper article here.) It was my privilege to give a simple message about life and eternity. When the gospel was shared 38…

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Q/A About Our Daily Broadcast

Last week we celebrated our 100th “Enjoying the Journey” episode. Yesterday we concluded our journey through the Old Testament. On today’s broadcast we are examining what God was up to between Malachi and Matthew. Soon we will launch into the next phase of our journey as we begin to walk through the New Testament. I love the Word of God and I love sharing it with others. If you have not yet joined us I want to give you a personal invitation to begin “Enjoying the Journey” this week! Here are a few answers to frequent questions… How did the broadcast begin? A local radio station asked if I would consider doing a daily morning program. I knew if we were…

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Some Thoughts on Baptism

I was baptized as a five-year old boy. I chose to be baptized to show that I had recently trusted Christ as my personal Savior. Now, in fact, I simply chose what Jesus had already chosen for me. 2,000 years ago He told His disciples that those who believed on Him should be baptized (Mark 16:16). For this reason, when I was eighteen years old I went through a great crisis. Questions about my own faith arose, and, once I settled them, I chose to be baptized again. This was a great struggle for me, but I was baptized again because I wanted to be sure that my baptism was Scriptural – following my salvation. A few weeks ago I…

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A Guest Post And An Exciting Announcement

Pastor Scott Hooks is one of my dearest friends on earth. The work he has been chosen to lead in Hickory, NC is being blessed of the Lord in a wonderful way. In a personal way, God has used him in my life. I am pleased to share his guest post with you and to announce a new gathering for preachers that we look forward to co-hosting later this year. Enjoy the encouraging read and make plans to join us in September! After a long season of ministry that culminated with the sad news of the beheading of John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus spoke to His disciples saying, “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while” (Mark 6:31).…

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Our May Meetings

Scott Pauley Bible Preaching Slide

“This is the Lord‘s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:23-24). Every day is a gift. Every good thing the Lord does is grace. I am more conscious every day, in the words of Hudson Taylor, that I am “but the little servant of an illustrious Master.” The Lord is wonderful and we are in awe that He allows us to do anything in His work. God continues to meet us along the journey. The podcast has been extremely well received and a number of new radio stations are also picking up the broadcast. (Learn more at scottpauley.org/broadcast) We are hearing from people…

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“Tell Me About The Great Churches!”

It is something I hear often. People are interested in the “great churches” in our generation. What are they? Where are they? Who is even qualified to say that they are great? Over the last thirty months on the road full time I have had the joy of being in hundreds of churches. Churches of all sizes and personalities. A church is a body – a living organism – and, as such, varies from place to place. Each is unique in some way. I have come to three conclusions about “great churches”… Every local, New Testament church is great because of the One to whom it belongs. The church belongs to no man. If it is a true church it…

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Truths for Travelers: Lessons Learned On the Road

As many of you know I spend a good deal of time on the road. Another frequent traveler, the Apostle Paul, once wrote, “all things are yours” (1 Corinthians 3:21-22). F.B. Meyer observed that everything is God’s classroom and serves to teach me something. Sitting in a hotel room recently I began to make a list of some of the truths the Lord is patiently teaching me. God is the same everywhere. The omnipresent God is not bound by geography. I am never alone. I never check into a hotel alone or board a plane by myself. Christ is my constant Companion and He has promised, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Hebrews 13:5). The family of God…

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