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Social Media

One Thing I Do Not Do With Social Media

Some time ago a friend said to me, “Do you ever have a bad day?” I laughed. Of course, we all have bad days. When I inquired as to why he would ask such a question he said that my social media posts always seemed to be very positive. He was right. I have purposefully not announced struggles and stresses on social media. In fact, I promised God that I would not use it for that reason. Too often social media is used as an outlet for the flesh. It is a convenient way to “vent” and complain. Perhaps we do so because it fosters pity. The flesh likes pity. Words matter…even words on social media. “Death and life are…

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3 Dangers of Technology Overload and What to Do About It

Look around you.  Heads are bowed.  People are quiet.  No, they are not praying.  They are all looking at the device in their hands! The technological advances of the last few years have placed the whole world in the palm of our hand.  And, yet, is it possible that we are actually missing the world that is going on around us?  Plugged in and yet disconnected at the same time! Our iPods, our tablets, our phones, our latest, greatest, “smart” device have become the focus of our attention.  Take a test: go one hour without picking up your phone!  Live a day without checking social media.  We have become so enamored with it all that we have often become distracted…

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Social Media and the Great Commission

Social media is here to stay.  Over 2 billion people actively use the internet and it is estimated that more than 69% of them now use some social network site (Pew Research).  Of course, young people lead the way in this trend.  One research group suggests that 98% of 18-24 year olds now use social networking!  If we are to go to where they are then we must go to the internet. Like any other means of communication it can be used for good or for evil.  Tools are just that – resources to be used.  We must choose how they will be used.  Social media platforms can be a platform for the gospel. For years we have warned our…

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