Enjoying the Journey

Walking with God is a life long journey.  I am very grateful that along the way there are people who come along side to encourage us.  So many distractions would have become detours if it had not been for more mature travelers who guided us forward.

The beloved apostle John tells us about a good man named Gaius who made it his business to help others stay on the right path.  In fact, John wrote to him with full confidence that he would help bring God’s servants “forward on their journey” (3 John 6).  We know that God is always moving forward.  In the words of Hudson Taylor, “God is always advancing.”  But at times it seems everything has conspired to keep us from moving forward with Him.  Then along comes a man like this man.

I am sitting in my study tonight thinking of all the people through the years who cheered me on, who pointed the right direction, who refused to let me sit down.  Parents.  Grandparents.  Teachers.  Preachers.  Friends.  Unnamed and Unknown people.  They have helped me forward on my journey.  God bless them for it.

With my Uncle James and Dad

Recently I had the unique privilege of preaching  a revival meeting with my dad and my uncle.  It was one of the great honors of my life.  They have been heroes and helpers to this young man.  Only in Heaven will they realize what their example and encouragement have meant to me at life’s crossroads.

In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress there were a host of fellow travelers who kept Christian moving in the right direction.  Now it is my turn.  And it is yours.  Find someone this week and help them “forward on their journey.”  We will all be glad we did when we get to the Celestial City.

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