Enjoying the Journey

I love the gospel. It was the good news of Jesus Christ that changed my life and my eternal destiny! Every good thing in my life grows out of the gospel. Day after day I am witnessing the power of the gospel to change hearts and homes. It is the only true light for our nation and the only lasting hope for this generation.

Several months ago the Lord led me to write a gospel tract, Would You Like A New Start? Watch the brief story behind the tract here.

Over the last few weeks I have met two people who looked at the question on the front of the tract and said the same words: “I need this!” They were different people – one older and one younger, one religious and one nonreligious, one well off and one in need – but they were the same. Everyone wishes they could have a new start. Christ offers more than that. He offers a new heart and eternal life!

Standing in a hotel and sitting on an airplane it was a privilege to share this gospel resource with searching souls. My greatest joy was to hear both of them call on the Lord Jesus Christ to be their personal Savior. These personal experiences have been a reminder to me that many people are looking for truth and God is seeking them. We must do our part.

Would you help us to spread the gospel? It is my prayer that God would take this gospel piece and use it around the world. We have had people already inquire about it being translated into a couple of different languages. Please pray with me for the Lord to multiply this work and His Word.

I am happy to partner with Faithworks Media to make this tool available to churches and individuals. It is beautifully designed and can be personalized with your ministry information. Visit faithworksmedia.com/scott-pauley to find ordering options.

The power of life is in the seed! God help us to sow much in these days and trust Him for the fruit.


  1. Susie Hall on January 18, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Great tract!!! Design is great too. I sent the information to our church. Bless you, Scott!

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