Revival Praying Book

Pastor Clarence Sexton gave me two pieces of advice early on: begin with small writing projects and don’t publish anything until you are 40. Wise counsel. I began nine years ago writing short articles on our Enjoying the Journey blog. Now, at 43 years of age, I am burdened to share some things with a wider audience.

During our “quarantine” period the Lord providentially worked to allow me to write a book on Revival Praying. The book draws widely from the best of what others have written on the subject, and deals specifically with the revival praying of Ezra found in Scripture. There really is a difference between “praying for revival” and revival praying.

America is in desperate need of revival. Our nation needs the healing that only God’s holy presence can bring. But great awakenings never begin as national movements – they begin as personal meetings with God. Spiritual awakenings come when God’s people connect their prayers to God’s purpose. The problem is not with His lack of power but with our lack of preparation.

Revival cannot be manufactured or manipulated. Spiritual awakenings come when God’s people connect their prayers to God’s purpose. In Revival Praying you will discover how one of the great prayers of the Bible can serve as a pattern for our prayer. The God who is a consuming fire will work if we will build the altar.

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Bible Study Companion

This Bible study guide is designed to be used as a companion to the full-length book, Revival Praying. This 40-page study guide has been prepared to engage each Bible student in studying God’s Word for themselves and spending definite times in prayer each week. The lessons may be used for Sunday school, family devotions, small group Bible studies, or for the entire church in preparation for a revival emphasis.

The secret to revival is not found in better revival preaching—it is found in more fervent revival praying!

• Revival praying is for all of God’s people. Perhaps you are wondering what you can do to make a difference in this world. You can pray!

• Revival praying is guided by God’s Word. As we study God’s Word, we learn how to pray effectively.

• Revival praying is connecting our prayers to God’s purpose. Instead of asking the Lord to bless our ideas, efforts, and goals, we must join our prayers to His eternal purpose.

The study guide also includes additional prayer resources to encourage the student’s prayer life for thirty days. Will you join us in a month of revival praying? Open your Bible and keep an open heart. The Lord has so much to teach us!

Every Lesson Includes:


Foundational Truths


The Big Idea


The Story


The Key Verse


Digging Into God's Word


The Next Step


My Homework

Teacher Lesson Overviews:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6