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Living in Love

This morning Tammy and I had the joy of participating in a special couple’s brunch and marriage seminar. Like many other holidays, Valentine’s Day provides an emphasis that should be remembered year round. Husbands, we are to love our wives (and show it) every day! People around the world are speaking the language of love…at least for a day. But true love is not limited to a day or expressed only in words. The God of love intended that His children would live in His love all the time. Jesus even said that this would be the distinguishing characteristic of His followers: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another”…

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A New Book On An Eternal Truth

Do you have a difficult time loving some people? Do you struggle to express love to others? Does it seem that even with those you love that your love falls short in so many ways? I am convinced that one of the greatest needs in families, churches, our nation is a fresh understanding and experience of the love of God. We live in a hateful world and people can be so very harsh. Only God’s love can cut through the hardness of sinful hearts. Some time ago we made available an adaptation of Henry Drummond’s classic work on 1 Corinthians 13. I hope you have downloaded your copy and read it through. You may even want to read it on…

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What is the greatest thing in all the world? Henry Drummond was a Scottish evangelist who was mightily used of the Lord. D.L. Moody called him the most Christ-like young man he ever knew. Though I cannot endorse everything that Drummond wrote, I wholeheartedly recommend to you his commentary on 1 Corinthians 13. Many Bible students believe that Henry Drummond’s, The Greatest Thing In All the World, is the finest thing ever written – the defining work – on the love of God. Personally God has used it in my own life. It is more than comforting; it is convicting. We desperately need a revival of the love of God in hearts, homes, and churches. It is the only thing that…

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