Enjoying the Journey

What Is Your Drug Of Choice?

An opioid epidemic is now sweeping our nation. Everywhere I travel I read the horrific stories of death and destruction being caused by illegal drugs. Even as politicians and health care professionals try to find some solution marijuana use has become generally accepted and legalized. The original drug of alcohol is being accepted now by more and more professing followers of Christ. Addiction to prescription meds is pervasive. We are the most drugged generation in history! What used to be considered inner city drug culture has now permeated small town America. Now for the ugly truth… We all have them. Not all are illegal, but all are sinful. They are the things or people that we turn to as an…

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“Is Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Right Or Wrong?” by Dr. Johnny Pope

This week on our “Enjoying the Journey” podcast I am dealing with what the Word of God says about alcohol. (You may subscribe or listen at scottpauley.org/broadcast.) As an accompanying resource I wanted to pass along to you a most helpful article that my friend, Pastor Johnny Pope, has written on this subject. It will be a good guide for further study of Scripture. – SP We believe what we want to believe. We are now in the throes of postmodernism, humanism to the max, and a spiritual coup d’etat that re-arranges the worldview concerning the subject of drinking. As believers are now morphing past the point of diversity on the subject to condoning and, in some cases, pushing other…

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I Hate Alcohol!

Recently as I ministered in a beautiful southern city a local pastor began to describe all of the filth that has invaded their area. Immorality of every type. When I asked where it all began his answer was without hesitation, “The brewery’s came to town and every other evil followed them.” What’s true in a city is true in a life and in a family. When liquor comes it opens the door to every other evil. Days of prohibition are now mocked. Even professed believers commonly claim that there is nothing wrong with moderate, social drinking. (For the record, if you have to drink to be social I would be very concerned what type of relationships you are building!) Culture…

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