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Best of the Blog: Top 10

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For the last nine years I have enjoyed writing regular articles for our Enjoying the Journey blog. The archive of more than 700 posts deal with a wide range of topics. We are excited to roll out something brand new in January that will make these and other resources more usable. (More on that later!) The blog has a feature so that you can search by category, date or key word. If you have not already subscribed to receive new posts in your inbox you may do so here. Typically there are 2-3 brief articles each week. Our goal is simple: God’s truth applied to my life. Below are the “top ten” articles that have been read and shared. I…

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Announcing New Guest Blog Posts!

Pilgrim's Progress Christian Faithful

Last year we provided a free resource each month to encourage and equip believers. In 2018 I would like to make available a different type of resource. Each month a special guest will publish a blog post on Enjoying the Journey. People are the greatest blessing of all! The writers will all be different and will provide insight and help on a variety of areas. It is my hope that their posts will allow you to get acquainted with them and with other tools that may be available. We are all on a journey with Jesus. Along the way God uses fellow travelers to help us stay on the right path and keep moving forward. In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress it was…

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