Enjoying the Journey

Beginning Tomorrow

It is hard to believe it has been almost a year! The international shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic has become a point of reference in a variety of ways, a turning point for many. During the quarantine we began using a Youtube channel to post Bible messages and words of encouragement. I must tell you that while I appreciate the technology at our disposal, I am very grateful to be back preaching to real people assembled together! However, many of the platforms that God opened for ministry during that unusual season have helped us to connect with people to whom we would not otherwise have ministered. We believe these tools can continue to be used for the advancement…

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Light for Dark Days

We all know that this year has been particularly challenging. Clouds of doubt and a fog of uncertainty have come into a world that was already dark with sin. It is at this time, more than ever, that we must remember our “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). He alone can bring light in the midst of dark days! The brightest days are dark outside of His presence, and the darkest days are light when He is near. When the pandemic halted much of our travel back in the spring I had the privilege of preaching a series of messages to our home church. These four Bible messages came from the book…

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I Only Have One Message

Scott Pauley Bible Preaching Slide

Dr. Tom Malone used to joke about having five sermons and five hundred titles. My pastor challenged me years ago to work constantly at preparing new Bible messages. That counsel has been of inestimable value to me. It is easy to let your soul grow stale when the Bible is so fresh! As I have labored to study and prepare new messages I have come back to one essential. It was one of the first homiletics lessons I ever received. As a teenage preacher, struggling over what to preach in a certain meeting, my dad extended to me a priceless truth. He said, “When you don’t know what to preach, just preach Jesus.” Then he added, “And when you think…

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