Enjoying the Journey

7 Things A Blog Has Taught Me About Writing

We were standing in a bookstore surrounded by thousands of good books when I asked the question: “How do you begin writing?”  The advice of one of my spiritual fathers that afternoon has been of immeasurable help to me.  He said three things.  First, get a copy of William Safire’s Fumblerules.  I still have that helpful little volume, but more importantly I learned that to be a writer you have to work at it.  Second, he counseled me not to publish too early.  “When you are older your ideas will have formulated more clearly.  You will be glad you waited.”  He was right.  Finally, he said, “Start.  Begin with writing short articles and you will develop a style and the ability…

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Thanks for Taking Time to Read

One of God’s priceless gifts is friendship.  Through the years I have begun to learn the lasting value of a true friend.  This week I was talking on the phone to a man who has been a constant encouragement to me when the Lord reminded me of this truth.  The right kind of friendships form a safety net for life.  They become God’s instruments to guard you from the wrong path and to guide you to the right one. This blog has become for me a source of sharing with so many friends.  An unexpected blessing has been the opportunity to gain many new friends along the way.  Some of my blogging friends I have never met in person, but…

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