Enjoying the Journey

An Update On Our Daily Broadcast

It is amazing how sometimes the most far reaching things are the ones we did not plan at all. Several people have asked me recently how our daily Enjoying The Journey programming began. It was not a big idea or some personal vision. Instead, it was the providential work of God. A conversation. An open door. A friend to help. Isn’t it wonderful to watch the Lord at work? Now after two full years we are thrilled to see the daily growth of listeners both through the podcast platform and the radio audience. Over the last few days we have heard from a number of people who have started to study God’s Word with us and have written to tell…

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I Didn’t Expect This

When I first went into evangelism a dear friend serving in a “closed country” asked if I would ever consider having a podcast. I must confess that at the time I barely knew what a podcast was! She explained to me and my wife that most Christian programming and preaching is blocked in that part of the world, but podcasts were available. A few months later pastor who directs a local Christian radio station asked if I would be willing to take a ten minute daily radio slot. The Lord began to connect opportunities and people as only He can do. There is nothing quite like watching the providence of God at work! With the help of friends I began…

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Thanks For Listening!

Eight months ago we took another step on our own journey with the beginning of the Enjoying The Journey podcast. God has been gracious to give us favor and so many of you have been very kind to join us. We have just crossed the threshold of 95,000 listens to the Bible studies! Every where I go I am meeting people who are Enjoying The Journey with us and emails from people in different parts of the world have been a great encouragement. Currently we are studying some of the prayers of the New Testament. Our cry is: “Lord, teach us to pray!” Near the end of September we will begin a brand new series designed to help people make decisions in the will…

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Q/A About Our Daily Broadcast

Last week we celebrated our 100th “Enjoying the Journey” episode. Yesterday we concluded our journey through the Old Testament. On today’s broadcast we are examining what God was up to between Malachi and Matthew. Soon we will launch into the next phase of our journey as we begin to walk through the New Testament. I love the Word of God and I love sharing it with others. If you have not yet joined us I want to give you a personal invitation to begin “Enjoying the Journey” this week! Here are a few answers to frequent questions… How did the broadcast begin? A local radio station asked if I would consider doing a daily morning program. I knew if we were…

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Will You Join Us On the Journey?

Enjoying the Journey Broadcast

Six years ago this month I began writing on our blog. At the time God led me to call it Enjoying the Journey. (You may read more about why I chose that name here.) Now, on the threshold of a new year, we are taking another step on that journey. We are launching a daily podcast. There is nothing I enjoy more than teaching and preaching the Word of God, and now we have the opportunity to spread that message to many more people. The Enjoying the Journey podcast will be available Monday-Friday. It is a 10 minute Bible message that I am praying the Lord will use. In the first episodes we begin with a study of my favorite book of the Bible,…

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