Enjoying the Journey

Too Busy to Pray?

Aunt Goldie is with the Lord now. I rode my bike past her house hundreds of times as a boy. In the summer she was almost always sitting on the front porch in the swing. Life was simple. There were few material possessions and yet she was a happy woman. One afternoon she said to me, “You know, Scott, sometimes I like to just get down on my knees and look at Him.” I thought maybe she was losing her mind! Now I understand that her mind was clearer than most. Life revolved around fellowship with Christ. She was living for another world. The last few months have been some of the busiest of my life. At times like these…

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A Trip to Mayberry

We have just returned from a couple of days away with the family.  Travels took us to the real “Mayberry” – Mount Airy, North Carolina.  The kids – and their daddy! – have watched every episode of The Andy Griffith Show several times through the years.  This trip, like the show, was a throw back to simpler days and quieter lives.   Riding in Barney’s patrol car and eating at “The Snappy Lunch” have a way of slowing your pace and lightening your heart.  (The pork chop sandwich doesn’t hurt either.)  It was a joy to laugh and just be together.  No, they don’t make shows like Andy Griffith anymore.  But the love for simple things and the enjoyment of life is a…

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