Enjoying the Journey

Consumer Christianity

American Christianity (which is a far cry from Acts Christianity) has done much to develop consumerism in the minds of the average church member. People shop for a church today. “Where can I be happy? Who has the best music and programs? What will my family get out of it?” I have a suspicion that when we gather at the judgment seat of Christ many modern Christians are going to be terribly ashamed in the presence of the martyrs, and even more kneeling at the nail-pierced feet of the Lamb that was slain for us. Ours is a Christianity of convenience and comfort. We have become consumers. The early church had no such luxuries. They were depending on the only…

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Whose Side Are You On?

Scott Pauley

It is one thing to be a friend to sinners and quite another to be a friend to their sin. The Lord Jesus Christ was known as “the friend of sinners” and yet those sinners would have been the first to tell you that He did not condone their wickedness. Modern church goers have developed a convenient, comfortable Christianity that finds itself right at home among evil. Christ knew nothing of this when He was on earth and He still doesn’t today. Why is there so little persecution? Where is the opposition that God promised would come to all who would live godly? It has been avoided in large part because there is so little difference between those who claim…

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Cliche Christianity

So much of our Christianity has become trite and cliche. Words often overused and under-appreciated are common place. Do we even think about the things we are saying? I hear this cliche Christianity in my own prayers. It is easy to criticize the “vain repetition” of other groups and false religions, but what about MY vain repetition? The same words used again and again. Without heart. Without thought. Without meaning. I hear this cliche Christianity in so much preaching. All of us who speak frequently are guilty of it. We fall back on words and fillers that are comfortable. Easy. But are they true? Do they express God’s meaning to the hearers? I hear this cliche Christianity in every day…

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Christianity is a Crutch

Recently I was in Vancouver, British Columbia for a meeting.  On Saturday night I had a little time alone at the hotel and decided to do the Christian (and Canadian) thing: walk across the street to Tim Horton’s for a cup of coffee and a donut.  It is good to immerse yourself in the culture when you are traveling!  (At least this was how I justified the donut.) It was a beautiful evening in downtown Vancouver and I enjoyed the walk.  As I waited at a crosswalk to return to my room, a distinguished looking man nearing seventy years of age came and stood beside me.  A conversation was initiated and very soon I realized that the Lord had given…

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