Enjoying the Journey

What To Do When The Crisis Has Passed

Perhaps like me you are beginning to get impatient or bored with the current state of things in our nation. A little stir crazy? We must remember that, like everything in this world, “this too shall pass.” Soon the crisis will be over. The great question is not: “Will the crisis every pass?” but, rather, “What will God’s people do when the crisis has passed?” This could be – should be – a new beginning for the work of God in this world. Remember that it was after the breaking up of the early church in Jerusalem that the greatest gospel advance in the history of the church took place! O, Lord, cause that to be the case in our…

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Why Carry a Bible to Church?

My pastor always begins his Bible messages the same way: “Take the Word of God with me please and turn to…”  It is a beautiful sight to see hundreds of people all opening the Word of God together!  In the average church congregation fewer people are carrying their own copy of the Scriptures to public services.  While it may be because less real preaching and teaching of the Word of God is being done in many places, I suspect that there are other factors at work. “Open the Word of God” today means look at the screen on the wall or open your mobile phone and click on the Bible app.  I am thankful for technology, and the discerning use of…

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Why I Believe In Saying, “Amen!”

Amen.  It is usually the last word. It is the last word in the model prayer.  It is the last word of the Bible.  It is found about 30 times in the Old Testament, and at least 50 times in the New Testament.  It is a word that should be used by believers who know the truth. I grew up in country churches where the sound of people saying, “Amen” was well-known.  I have visited in churches where people were very quiet and subdued.  In both, I have heard the Word of God and sensed the Voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me.  There is nothing more spiritual about a boisterous personality, but there is something wonderfully encouraging about…

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