Enjoying the Journey

Living In Uncertain Times

The world is shaking…but God is not! These are uncertain days but the people of God have a certain future. He has not failed us, forgotten us, or forsaken us – and He never will! How can you live with confidence in uncertain times? Rest in what you know for sure. When there are questions that cannot be answered always go back to unchanging truth: God is good. Rehearse His goodness in your own conversations. Recognize that the same good God is at work now. None of this has taken Him by surprise and we may be surprised how the Lord uses this for His own glory. Stay hopeful. Do not allow the news media to set your tone. Stay…

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My Struggle with Doubt and the Victory I Found

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It was the darkest time of my life spiritually. Like many believers, I struggled through a period of tremendous doubt about my salvation. There were many factors that contributed to my lack of assurance. Because I had trusted Christ as my Savior as a young child my memories were not extremely clear. And a “changed life?” I was no drug addict or criminal at five years of age! Had I believed enough? Did I truly understand? Could I have failed to pray the right prayer? Everything reproduces after its own kind: questions only lead to more questions. Well do I remember the day Dr. Frank Sells said in my hearing, “Drive a stake a mile deep in the ground about…

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