Enjoying the Journey

No Time To Change

This week I am preaching for a dear friend and wonderful pastor in south Florida. Tom Odom pastors the First Baptist Church of Southwest Broward in Cooper City. God is using him and his beautiful family and the work is being especially blessed of God. One of the joys in the ministry God has given us is in seeing former students and friends from Crown College. I meet them all over the country. This morning as I prayed my heart rejoiced in the fact that so many are staying true to Christ and to God’s Word. Pastor Sexton and a host of other Bible teachers gave us something that does not fade with time: a high view of God and…

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What Did He Do the Day After the Victory?

It is often after victories that the greater defeat comes.  We win.  We rejoice.  We let down our guard.  The problem is that Satan never lets down his attack.  Vigilance is in short supply today and more desperately needed than ever. Remember that it was after the Spirit descended on Christ at the baptism that the devil brought his most intense temptation.  It was after the day of Pentecost that persecution arose.  It was after David’s battlefield triumphs that he had a tragic failure.   The Christian life is always present tense.  There is no place to stop. A young man in Napoleon’s army was said to have given a valiant effort in battle.  Others recommended him for promotion.  The…

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