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The Danger Of Discontent

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A friend remarked to me recently that men often struggle with discontentment. It is one of the deceiver’s ways of leading us to things that God has not chosen for us. Discontentment at its core is just the sin nature – desiring what we cannot have and thinking we know what is best. We live in a world of restless people. So much of that restlessness grows out of the soil of discontentment. And so people look to some new thing or for some different person to fill the emptiness, when only God can satisfy. Are you struggling today? Stop looking at the door and look to the throne! You don’t need a “way out” or something better. You need…

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Acres of Diamonds

When I was thirteen years old an elderly preacher in the mountains of West Virginia gave me a book.  It was old and dusty.  There were no pictures and at the time it seemed like a good book just to put on the shelf.  Several years passed before I actually read its yellowed pages, but after reading them I would never forget them. Russell Conwell was a preacher and educator.  He started what is now known as Temple University in Philadelphia.  Conwell traveled the world giving a very famous lecture over 5,000 times.  Any honorarium that was given to him was in turn given to some young person to help them through college.  But the value of his lecture was…

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