Enjoying the Journey

What To Do When The Crisis Has Passed

Perhaps like me you are beginning to get impatient or bored with the current state of things in our nation. A little stir crazy? We must remember that, like everything in this world, “this too shall pass.” Soon the crisis will be over. The great question is not: “Will the crisis every pass?” but, rather, “What will God’s people do when the crisis has passed?” This could be – should be – a new beginning for the work of God in this world. Remember that it was after the breaking up of the early church in Jerusalem that the greatest gospel advance in the history of the church took place! O, Lord, cause that to be the case in our…

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The Greatest Gospel Moment In A Generation

My grandpa remembered where he was when Pearl Harbor was attacked. My dad remembers where he was when JFK was shot. I remember where I was when the planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. My children will remember the global pandemic of 2020. There are moments in every generation that fix themselves forever in our memory. Over 100,000 people have now died around the world from COVID-19. Many more have been awakened to their mortality and frailty. We all are thinking more about life and eternity. People are asking questions, reading Bibles, watching church services online, and wondering what the future holds. I believe we are living in the greatest gospel moment in a generation. On this Easter…

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5 Ideas For Teens @ This Time

If you are a teenager I am quite sure that your social life has been disrupted and your school year has been less than you imagined. (Or perhaps, better than you imagined – depending on your perspective!) After a few days at home most young people begin to get bored. Maybe you are way past that. First let me say, join the club. We are all a little stir crazy. The truth is that throughout life there will be things that disappoint and interrupt. The sooner you can learn to accept and adapt to these changes the better your whole life will be. Please do not think that I am minimizing the impact that COVID-19 has had on your life.…

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