Enjoying the Journey

What To Do When The Crisis Has Passed

Perhaps like me you are beginning to get impatient or bored with the current state of things in our nation. A little stir crazy? We must remember that, like everything in this world, “this too shall pass.” Soon the crisis will be over. The great question is not: “Will the crisis every pass?” but, rather, “What will God’s people do when the crisis has passed?” This could be – should be – a new beginning for the work of God in this world. Remember that it was after the breaking up of the early church in Jerusalem that the greatest gospel advance in the history of the church took place! O, Lord, cause that to be the case in our…

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This Is Not The Time To Rob God

First let me say that I am not a pastor. I do not have the responsibility of shepherding one flock and overseeing the needs of a local church. As an evangelist I spend much of my time trying to encourage pastors and help churches advance the gospel in many places. I love pastors and local churches. Most of all, I love the Lord. Our generation of Christians has never seen anything like the current state of emergency in our world. Many people are frightened and all of us are unsure of some things. Yet as a Christian there is one thing I know: God is with us and we must continue to obey His Word. Truth always endures. In times…

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