Enjoying the Journey

Daily Dying (Daily Living – Part 5)

Walking with Christ is a daily matter. I hope you are enjoying this blog series on daily truths for the Christian life. (If you are just joining us you may begin the series here.) For me, this emphasis has been a reminder that I need the Lord every day. And every day there are principles that I must apply in my walk with Him. One irony of the Christian life is that it is not about life only – it is about death. It is not just the death of Christ for our sins on Calvary. It is more than the final physical death that precedes our entrance into Heaven. It is a daily dying. At the risk of sounding…

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Why this Week has been So Special

Today is a day for rest and reflection after a very busy week.  We have just concluded our annual Baptist Friends Conference.  This is always a special time of reunion with friends and wonderful preaching.  This year was special. I cannot remember a meeting where the Lord’s presence was so strong.  Day after day and message after message the Holy Spirit worked in our hearts.  It was a deep work – convicting, searching, teaching.  God was among us. As I have thought on what made this year’s conference so special, one thought seems to keep surfacing.  It was all about the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was not the preachers.  This conference was not a preaching competition or a platform to…

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