Enjoying the Journey

5 Books To Read When You Are Having A Hard Time

Someone once said that everybody is having a hard time with something. The longer I live the more I think they were right. We are sinners living with other sinners in a sin cursed world. The oldest book in the Bible says it best, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble” (Job 14:1). Now, this is not meant to be a depressing post! It is simply an acknowledgement that all of us at some time will go through a hard time. It is very important who you listen to at those moments. If you are not careful you will only listen to your own thoughts, and discouraged people often overstate their own…

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For Married Couples: Dealing with Difficult Days

Marriage is fun.  But not all the time.  Newlyweds rarely think of this when they say, “for better or for worse.” Every young couple need this understanding and preferably before they get married!  Pastor Sexton has taught our young families that marriage is much more than the wedding.  And so it is. Troubles come.  Difficulties arise.  Arguments (“discussions!”) happen.  The question is: how do we respond on tough days? I have the privilege of teaching a class each Sunday of young married couples.  It is such a joy to invest in the lives of couples what others have invested in us.  We are all working through the tests of life and growing in our understanding of the Lord’s way for…

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Having Good Days in the Midst of Evil Days

One of the great privileges of serving at Crown College through the years has been the opportunity to hear so many wonderful Bible messages.  Pastor Sexton brings faithful preachers to the college chapel hour each week.  Today our friend, Dr. Dan Reed, brought one of the most encouraging messages I have ever heard. He spoke on the subject of enjoying the journey from 1 Peter 3.  God gives a prescription for those “that will love life, and see good days” (v. 10).  For the record, I am one of those!  I would encourage you to spend a little time meditating on this powerful passage and to apply God’s instructions. In the message Dr. Reed stated that there were three types…

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