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3 Truths to Remember When You Are Disappointed

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Life in a fallen world is full of disappointments. Situations don’t always turn out the way you hope. The best people let you down. Your own intentions fail to become reality. It is easy for disappointment to become disillusionment. Perhaps this is why there are so many cynical people in our world. The question is not if disappointments will come, but how you will respond when they do. When you face some disappointment remember these truths: The greatest disappointment is sin. It never fulfills what it promises. When tempted to think that others have let me down or that things did not turn out my way, I try to remember that most disappointments are of my own making. Selfishness. Wrong motives.…

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Dealing with Disappointment – Part 2

Have you faced any disappointment in the last week? The last 24 hours? The last 10 minutes? It is inevitable. Disappointments come. In the last post I shared with you a few observations from Luke 24 related to the causes of disappointment. Some things never change! (If you missed part 1 click here to read.) Thank God, the Bible does not just tell us about our problems – it gives divine solutions. The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus also offers a cure for disappointment. There is light in the darkness. May I begin by sharing what cannot cure your disappointment…These disciples had already heard from others that the tomb was empty, that angels had appeared, that…

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Dealing with Disappointment – Part I

We all have them. Disappointments are a part of life in an imperfect world. Every day we face the possibility of disappointment with circumstances, people, and even ourselves. It may not sound spiritual but at times we are even disappointed with God’s ways – why doesn’t He do things the way we think He should? You are not alone. In fact, the original followers of Christ faced many of the same questions and struggles. They too had to deal with disappointment. Some time ago I was meditating in Luke 24 on the encounter two disciples had on the road to Emmaus with the risen Christ. Of course, they did not know that it was Christ and could never have known…

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What If It Doesn’t Turn Out Your Way?

Several years ago a dear friend said to me, “You are the kind of person that has a hard time if things don’t turn out the way you think they should.”  He was right.  The Holy Spirit has brought those words to my mind many times through the years.  There are moments in all of our lives and ministries when things are not coming together as we had hoped. Just today I have heard of two different men whose lives have taken turns that they never would have imagined.  Seen only through the eyes of our understanding this can produce tremendous frustration.  But viewed through the eyes of faith it is possible to have victory!  Disappointment comes when our purposes…

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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens’ classic novel Great Expectations is on my Kindle.  I must confess that I have read…and stopped reading the story several times through the years.  It is a strange book.  Pip, the young orphan in the tale, provides insight into the ambition of the human heart. We all have it.  Great expectations. Some would say it is the driving force behind advancement and progress.  Others would admit that it is the root of so much disappointment.  Ours is a day of low expectations.  Sad people have settled for less because something didn’t turn out the way they thought it should. The problem is not great expectations.  The problem is that so often our great expectations are just that – ours.…

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