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Guest Post: Lessons Learned At The Bulletin Board

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You are going to be encouraged by this wonderful article by my friend Dr. Charles Keen. A great deal of wisdom flows through nearly 60 years of ministry. Read more from his pen at https://gcpublishers.org. In my school days, the “social media” existed in two mediums – the water cooler for the faculty and the bulletin board for the student. From these two locations, we kept current with (our) world view. The grade schoolers gathered at the bulletin board to check on their Spelling Bee status. The high school girls gathered to see if they made the cheerleading squad or the volleyball team. We boys world view consisted of the seasonal sport and to see if we made the cut. In our school that…

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A Victory! Now What?

Some of life’s greatest defeats come after great victories.  Call it lack of vigilance, a false sense of your own strength.  There are many reasons.  Be sure of this: If God is blessing, the devil is fighting!  He always opposes what God ordains. The story is told of a young man in Napoleon’s army who had given a valiant effort in battle.  Others recommended him immediately for promotion.  The experienced general quietly asked, “What did he do the day after the victory?” It is after the victory that the real battle begins.  This is the time that is the true test of a man’s integrity.  It was after great victories that King David committed adultery and murder.  It was after…

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