Enjoying the Journey

Revival of The Family Altar

The term has been lost with the passing of time – and so has the use. Few people today think much about a “family altar.” Yet in days of revival in our nation the principle of families praying and worshiping together was vital. True revival does not start at the church house, it starts at our house! The family altar does not mean that we build a physical altar in our homes. It means that we build into our schedules and routines the priority of praying with the family and talking about the Lord. The home altar is greater than the church altar in this way: it can be accessed every day! Matthew Henry wrote, “Wherever man has a tent,…

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Family Worship

Did you know that the first time the word “worship” is used in the Bible is in the context of the home? On top of Mount Moriah Abraham taught Isaac what it truly meant to worship God (Genesis 22:1-18). I promise you this was not a lesson that young man forgot! The first “worship leaders” should be parents. The first demonstrations of worship should be as dad and mom lead their children to pray, read God’s Word, and praise the Lord. Such an emphasis would plant the seed of revival in hearts and homes of this generation. Many years ago Thomas Boston was burdened over the cold spiritual state of his church. It was not only cold, but practically empty.…

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Family Devotions and Spiritual Awakenings

“I will get married in a few months.  What advice do you have for me?”  Working with hundreds of college students these are words I have heard many times.  As I heard them again recently my mind filled with so many truths that others have passed on to me and my wife.  Too many to remember.  Too many to relay in one conversation.  But there was one… One truth that seemed to rise above all of the rest.  One lesson that I have had to learn over and over again: families must pray together. Isn’t it funny that we seem to do everything – eat, sleep, play, drive, talk – together.  Everything, except pray.  Yet this is the one thing…

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