Enjoying the Journey

5 Books To Read For Fun

Reading is not just for information! It can be a healthy habit and constructive distraction for busy people. While I spend much of my reading time in research and study I have learned that keeping some “light” reading nearby is good for me. My favorite books for pleasure reading are usually biographies or something on Presidential history. Here are a few books that I have been reading just for fun during my down times… Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly (I have always enjoyed reading about Lincoln and that era of American history. This book is extremely interesting and I think the best of O’Reilly’s series.) Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand (This is a powerful book! Hildebrand records the dramatic story of…

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Why I Was Wrong About Reading Fiction

For many years I almost prided myself in not reading fiction. “I read real stories.” Some time ago I was given a work of Christian fiction to read. As I read the book I came to a stark realization… I was wrong about reading fiction. Now, like any other genre of books, all fiction is not created equal. Much of it is a waste of time. However, well-written fiction can be a powerful tool in teaching the truth. Even Christ often used parabolic language to convey eternal truth. Specifically, I believe there can be a great deal of benefit in historical fiction. One definite caution that I would give regarding “Christian fiction” is that we must be wary of authors…

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