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5 Books to Read on Finances

This week we sat around the dinner table with our children and had a most interesting conversation about finances. The discussion was not just about our finances but about theirs. Each of our kids are now at the age and stage in life where they are beginning to make serious decisions about saving and spending. I enjoyed sharing with them some lessons that my parents taught me about the vital importance of paying the tithe and being a giver. For a Christian this is where it all begins. Only as we remember where our money comes from and why it is placed in our hands can we make right decisions about what to do with it. The Bible principle at…

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GUEST POST: Virtual Solutions For Local Churches

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Gayle Washington was a fellow-worker for many years in the ministry. Her burden is to help pastors and churches and the Lord is using her. She and her husband, Dave, have been wonderful friends to our family. I am happy to recommend her resources and hope that they may be of help to many local churches. The single most important mission of the local New Testament church is to reach people with the Gospel and help them to know God better.  It’s all about people, yet it is essential to carry out proper daily procedures to keep the work of the Lord decently and in order. Through unconscious preparation, God allowed me the privilege of working for Temple Baptist Church…

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