Enjoying the Journey

Daily Bread (Daily Living – Part 4)

Confession: I love to eat. Food makes the day so much more interesting. It is one of my favorite hobbies to tour America by restaurant! Most of us rarely go a few hours without feeding our bodies…much less a full day! Yet many a believer goes days without feeding his inner man. There are so many malnourished souls in our world! Busy people trying to function without the sustenance that can come only from God’s Word. It is no wonder that many are weak and faltering. They do not have the strength to carry on. Our generation is more acquainted with feasting than fasting. We are tempted to give more attention to the body that will soon be gone than…

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Top of the List: Why Was Jesus Thankful?

Like most of you I try to make a list each Thanksgiving of reasons for which I am grateful to God.  Obviously it is never complete because the blessings never end.  This year I have decided not to make a list.  I am taking the list of Another who is far better at thankfulness than I. The Gospel records provide insight not only into the prayer life of the Lord Jesus but into His “praise life.”  The Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief was constantly thanking His Father.  His thirty-three and a half years were spent not only considering the joy that was before Him (Hebrews 12:2) but also the joys that were all around Him.  This is where…

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