Enjoying the Journey

A Trip to Mayberry

We have just returned from a couple of days away with the family.  Travels took us to the real “Mayberry” – Mount Airy, North Carolina.  The kids – and their daddy! – have watched every episode of The Andy Griffith Show several times through the years.  This trip, like the show, was a throw back to simpler days and quieter lives.   Riding in Barney’s patrol car and eating at “The Snappy Lunch” have a way of slowing your pace and lightening your heart.  (The pork chop sandwich doesn’t hurt either.)  It was a joy to laugh and just be together.  No, they don’t make shows like Andy Griffith anymore.  But the love for simple things and the enjoyment of life is a…

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Just Too Busy!

I was asked recently to speak to a group of parents on the subject of pitfalls in the home.  I read.  I thought.  I asked questions.  I made a list.  Hypocrisy, unrealistic expectations, division between those in authority, inconsistency, rules without relationship, religion without joy, passiveness, overuse of media, and on and on the list goes.  After much reflection I have come to the conviction that in most of our homes the greatest danger is that we are “just too busy!” Isn’t it amazing that with all of our time saving devices, time management books, fast food, and “on demand” technology that it seems we have less time than ever?  Barna reports that more than 50% of people surveyed say…

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