Enjoying the Journey

A New Song – An Eternal Message

Frequently in my sermons I tell the story of some great Christian hymn. The background to a song often opens up the message in a more meaningful way. I am currently reading Al Smith’s Treasury of Hymn Histories and my heart has been blessed again by the way God works in the hearts of His people and the songs that grow out of those experiences. Sadly, very few hymns are written today. Even fewer are rooted in Scripture. It is rare and refreshing to hear a new song that is deeply grounded in the truth of God’s Word. The term “gospel” has come to describe more a style of music than the substance of the song. I believe the word…

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A Good Resource and A New Song

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking in a pastor’s fellowship where Evangelist Byron Foxx was singing. He has been a real encouragement to me through the years and especially as I have stepped out into evangelism. The Lord is gracious to give us faithful friends in the ministry and Brother Byron is my friend. That morning he played and sang a new hymn he had recently written. My soul was stirred. I liked it for several reasons… It is written by a happy Christian and one who is diligently seeking the Lord. It is written for congregational singing. There is nothing as powerful in church music as whole-hearted congregational singing! It is written as a declaration of…

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My Hymn for this Year

I love hymns and am grateful to be part of a church that still sings them.  Meditate on the words of songs like Charles Wesley’s And Can It Be?  Few modern songs exhibit such an understanding of doctrine.  Real depth. The great hymns of the faith are not just for public worship.  They are deeply personal.  Many famous Christians have testified that the use of a good hymn book was helpful to their devotional time. Recently our Pastor recommended that we adopt a hymn for the year.  A song to learn and to “make our own.”  God led me to the powerful words of a lesser known hymn.  For the last few days I have been singing it to myself (for…

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