Enjoying the Journey

Use A Journal This Year

It was quiet in the house and I was sitting in my favorite chair, reading and reflecting. The little, leather books around me were not published volumes. No one else has ever read them, but they are books that mean a great deal to me. Perhaps someday my children will read them and find some encouragement. For now it is enough that they help me to remember. They are private journals of my journey with the Lord over the past decade. As I turned page after page the Lord brought so many things to my mind – things I do not want to forget. There are levels of journal writing: Activity – This is the most basic form of journaling.…

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Why You Should Keep A Journal

Recently I encouraged a dear friend who is living through a trial to keep a daily journal of what God is doing in his life. My suggestion grew out of personal experience. On the shelf before me is a stack of leather-bound books. They are deeply personal and very precious to me. Occasionally I sit alone and skim the pages. Many entries were made on bright days, filled with joy. And then there are the others. The more important ones. It is the pages penned in darkness, lines written with tears, that are now the most meaningful. Those were the days God was teaching me the most precious truths about Himself and His grace. Wordsworth once observed that he had…

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