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The Most Important Lessons I Learned in My College Years

A few days ago I had the joy of addressing a group of college students in a local church. There were freshmen and upperclassmen, full of hope and excitement as they approached the beginning of a new year. Life is divided into seasons and every season has a purpose (Ecclesiastes 3:1-11). The college years are a time of preparation. In these days God is at work in so many ways to prepare young people for all He has for them. All of college was good for me. Dorm life. Student Events. Even History of Civilization. As I reflected on my college years I began to see that it was in this season of life that I began to understand that some…

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Have You Ordered the “GO” Kit?

Just a few month’s ago I had the privilege of writing five Bible studies on witnessing. They are designed to both inspire and instruct believers to begin sharing their faith right where they are. Each lesson provides a thorough exposition of a passage of Scripture, a teachable outline, helpful illustrations, and practical applications. There are a variety of uses for the lessons. Several pastors have told me they have used them in Sunday School classes, small group studies, or even in their Wednesday night services. These lessons will help to place a one month emphasis on both the power and responsibility of the gospel. You do not have to order multiple copies of the lessons. When you order the kit…

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What I Have Learned in My First Year of Evangelism

It has been a privilege this week to take part in a special conference on revival and evangelism. I have enjoyed the fellowship with a number of wonderful evangelists and pastors, and have been honored to labor alongside men who have been in this work for so many years. As the meeting concludes today my heart and mind are full of the goodness of the Lord. This month our family begins the second year of full-time evangelistic work. The adventure of following the Lord is never dull! I have been reflecting a great deal about what the Lord has taught me over the last year. Many of the lessons are reminders of truths previously learned. (I can be a slow learner!)…

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Lessons Learned on My Daily Run

Running has become for me many things. It is a means to stay in shape, a stress reliever, time to think. Recently it has become a classroom in which the Teacher has been showing me so many important lessons. It is not by accident that God refers frequently in the New Testament to our life as a race to be run. Henry Drummond wrote a great deal about how the physical world mirrors so many spiritual realities. This should be no surprise to us, for the creation simply reflects the Creator. This is why the Lord Jesus so often used parables – physical, earthly, every day things – to speak of much higher truth. In this way, running has begun…

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Lessons My Children Are Teaching Me

Children are often the best teachers…”out of the mouth of babes.”  Tammy and I want to teach our kids everything we possibly can, but I realize that often God is using them to teach us.  Many lessons have been learned through my own failures as a parent.  School is in session every day and the classroom is our home.  This list is by no means exhaustive but here are a few of the lessons my children are teaching me… 1.  Peer pressure starts early (and never ends!). It is fascinating to observe the influence that older siblings and peers have on young children.  Everyone wants to belong, to be accepted.  Learning to live for the approval of One is among…

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