Enjoying the Journey

Givers And Takers

As a boy my dad told me, “Son, there are two kinds of people in the world – givers and takers – and you’re going to have to decide which one you want to be.” I have lived long enough to know that there are more takers than givers. Which are you? Giving Living In Matthew 26 we find quite a contrast between givers and takers. On one hand there is the woman who broke her alabaster box to give worship to Christ and on the other Judas who took thirty pieces of silver to betray Him. Read the passage for yourself and you will discover lasting principles. One unnamed woman gives a pattern for us all: Givers are consumed…

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A Personal Testimony that Taught Me A Powerful Truth

Preachers do not always preach the most powerful sermons. Sometimes church members do. Not long ago I sat in an auditorium as a humble man rose from his seat to share a simple testimony. While he spoke, God spoke to me. I cannot tell you all that he said, or even all that he meant by what he said. But there was that one phrase… It was the kind of phrase that sticks like a barb in the soul – words that stay with you long after the voice that gave them has been forgotten. The soft-spoken man talked of how grateful he was for food and for clothing, for the basic needs of life. And then he said, “I…

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What About Eternity?

A friend and I were enjoying a time of fellowship together just a few days ago.  During the conversation I asked about a man who had been a pastor in the town where I was visiting.  The answer was all too familiar – he was no longer in the ministry but doing very well in business. And then my friend said something I cannot forget:  “The last time I heard from him he said that life couldn’t be better.” How is that possible? I believe the greatest life is the life given to God, the life of obedience to His will.  It is not always the easiest life – in fact it never is!  Following Christ leads to a cross.…

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