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Enjoying the Journey

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Our Next Bible Study Series

It is a joy to study God’s Word and a privilege to share it with others. More and more people are joining our daily Enjoying The Journey episodes and we are grateful for the Lord’s blessing. Nothing brings joy like meditating on the very words of the living God! “I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil” (Psalm 119:162). We have just completed a brief study of the book of Hosea. I am continually amazed how a message given to another people thousands of years ago speaks to our spiritual need today! You may listen to these and all of our archived studies at On Monday we begin a new series that I am praying will…

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The Next Step On Our Journey

A dear man asked me the other day where we were going next in our “Enjoying the Journey” Bible study. It is a pleasure to walk through Scripture together and to know that many of you are making that journey with us! Here is a brief overview of our next steps… Today’s episode is very special for a couple of reasons. On one hand, it is a brief footnote to our 19 week study in the gospel according to Mark. In addition to that I share some exciting news about our journey to the Holy Land in 2020. We would love to have you join us as we study the Bible in the land of the Bible! Be sure to…

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My 90 Day Adventure

Bible reading schedules have not been a great help to me. While I can appreciate the discipline they develop, for me they often became a distraction, a duty, a drudgery. Personally I have found it better through the years to take a smaller portion of Scripture each day and meditate on it. Each person has to find what works best for them. There is no clear cut pattern in Scripture for how many chapters to read each day! At different times in life you may vary your reading pattern as well. At the beginning of this year I decided that I was going to do something I had not done before and try to go through the Bible in 90…

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Birthday Meditations

Birthday celebrations are special, especially when you get to enjoy them with family. The older I get the more my celebrations turn to meditations. (They tell me that reflection is just another sign of old age!) Every milestone in life is an opportunity to both glorify God and examine your own heart. I am very grateful that God has allowed me to live to my forty-second birthday. It has been a joy this week to hear from so many special friends and rejoice in the goodness of God. And it has caused me to think about so many things. God willing, tomorrow I will preach from the oldest psalm in the Bible. Not because I feel old, but because there…

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Improving Your Devotional Life

Just today over lunch the topic of the devotional life came up. Let’s be honest. We all struggle with it. Not just consistency, but truly having a meaningful time with God. How can my quiet time become a true meeting with the Lord? In college I was given a copy of George Muller’s Soul Nourishment First. It has been a joy to share it with many people through the years, and I find myself going back to its principles again and again. I am posting it below in its entirety. It is a longer article than most but it can be read in less than five minutes. It will be time well spent. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will…

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A Story That Changed The Way I Look At The Bible

Below is one of the longest posts I have ever made and yet it will be one of the most enjoyable reads. As a college student, learning to learn, I was introduced to an old story that made a powerful impression on my life. It has helped me to study, to think, to meditate, to look. Though the setting of the story is not a Christian one, the principles found in it will help you to become a better student of Scripture. Take the time to read it and you will never read your Bible the same again… It was more than fifteen years ago that I entered the laboratory of Professor Agassiz, and told him I had enrolled my…

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A Devotional Truth for the Evening

Every close to the day is a reminder that God has not failed or forsaken us. Weariness should remind us that His strength was sufficient. Memories should remind us that His wisdom was perfect. Quiet hours should remind us that His presence was real in the busiest hours of the day. Evenings are a time to think. To pray. To give thanks. One of the Old Testament patriarchs had a divine appointment in the evening hours. It was then that the promise came to fruition and he met the wife God had chosen for him. I believe that it is no accident that the blessing came as he meditated alone… “And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at…

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A Scripture for 2018

Scott Pauley

Many of us have made definite commitments to give renewed attention to God’s Word in the new year. For me, that means something different every year. I try not to use the same reading schedule or plan. This keeps the routine from becoming a rut and helps me to approach it with fresh expectancy. I offer my plan for this year to you in the hope that some idea might encourage you in your own time in God’s Word… God led me to Psalm 119 for 2018. It is the longest psalm in the Bible. 174 of the 176 verses specifically reference the truth of God’s Word. And yet, I have discovered that this psalm seems to cover the gamut…

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This Month’s Free Downloadable Resource!

Just this week someone asked me where they should begin in their Bible reading. So many people are looking for a plan or devotional help. Some are looking for a place to get started. Others are looking for a place to start again. It is easy to allow your devotional life to grow stale. Remember that your soul may grow dry but the Word of God never does – it is perennially fresh! Go back to the Scriptures and you will find that the river still flows! My suggestion to others in recent days connects to this month’s free resource: REDISCOVER THE PSALMS. The book of Psalms is God’s devotional book for His chosen people. It is both the Hebrew…

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The Most Important Work I Have to Do Every Day

If your days are like mine they often resemble a whirlwind of people and tasks.  Correspondence.  Problems.  Phone calls.  Appointments.  Projects.  Meetings.  Decisions.  Life can become very crowded at times!  Many times at the end of a very busy day I have pulled into my driveway and been reminded by the Holy Spirit that I still had “home work” to do.  Indeed the work we do in our families is more important than the varied work that so often consumes our lives. What is the most important work you do every day? I believe that the most important work that I have to do every day of my life is not done while I am “at work.”  It is not…

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