Enjoying the Journey

A Memorial Day Meditation

Like many Americans I had the opportunity today to go by the cemetery where our family members are buried. The rolling hills were decorated with flowers and flags. It seems like just yesterday that I was at my grandparents house on Memorial Day. Now they are all with the Lord. I only had the opportunity to know one of my grandfathers. Grandpa Martin was my hero and my friend. At this stage of life I would love to go back and sit under the cherry tree and listen to him talk. He never had much to say, but what he said always seemed to be important. Grandpa seemed to wrap several lifetimes into one. He was a farmer all of…

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Remembering My Grandpa

Just a few days ago I stood next to the old pond where my grandpa and I spent so much time together.  Lots of memories.  Good ones.  I remember some of the catfish we pulled out of those waters, but mostly I just remember him.  His laugh.  His instruction.  And his constant patience with me. On this Memorial Day I am thinking about him more than ever.  He was the only grandpa that I had the privilege to know personally.  What I would give to sit under the old cherry tree in his front yard and just talk to him again.  There are so many things I failed to ask him about! I remember him as a sailor, a WWII…

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Just a few days ago I had the privilege of being back where I grew up in West Virginia.  It was refreshing to walk around my grandparents farm again and enjoy a meal that only mom could make just right.  I walked the halls of the school that I attended from the time I was four until high school graduation, and spent an extra moment in the classroom where I first trusted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour.  Memories are precious things. My sister and I took a drive through the cemetery where all of our grandparents are now buried.  I have never missed them as I do now.  When we are young we do not fully realize the treasure…

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