Enjoying the Journey

An Encouragement For Assistant Pastors

It was my privilege to serve as an assistant to a wonderful pastor for many years. Eighteen years were spent helping someone else fulfill the work God had put in his heart to do. Yet the great truth is that I was also fulfilling the work God had put in my heart to do! An older, mature pastor was speaking for us many years ago. I was privileged to be his host. As we sat at dinner one evening he leaned across the table and said, “Scott, in church work people talk about men serving as a ‘second man.’ There is no such thing. In God’s plan there is a first place for every man. The man who serves as…

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GUEST POST: Virtual Solutions For Local Churches

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Gayle Washington was a fellow-worker for many years in the ministry. Her burden is to help pastors and churches and the Lord is using her. She and her husband, Dave, have been wonderful friends to our family. I am happy to recommend her resources and hope that they may be of help to many local churches. The single most important mission of the local New Testament church is to reach people with the Gospel and help them to know God better.  It’s all about people, yet it is essential to carry out proper daily procedures to keep the work of the Lord decently and in order. Through unconscious preparation, God allowed me the privilege of working for Temple Baptist Church…

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What Is The Most Important Lesson You Have Learned?

As I write these words I am sitting in northern Michigan. It is a beautiful summer day at camp. This morning at breakfast I had an engaging conversation with a young man who is starting out in ministry. Near the end of our time together he asked me a question that seemed very broad. And yet as I reflected on his question only one answer would come to mind. Q: “What is the most important lesson you have learned in ministry?” While a hundred great truths could be discussed, there is one that stands out above the rest. It is the answer I gave to my young friend. It is the answer the Holy Spirit gave to me. A: “My…

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Praise God For Preachers

Thank the Lord for faithful preachers of God’s Word. We need them more than ever and we need more of them! As I travel my appreciation for the Lord’s servants grows. Most pastors are not well known, many are carrying a load no one knows about. They are shepherds. I am an evangelist, but I am trying to help pastors all that I can. Anyone can come through town and preach a few sermons. It is the faithful pastor feeding the flock that keeps the church strong. Like the Good Shepherd, the pastor stays with the sheep to guide and protect them. Preachers often serve in sacrificial ways that are not considered. For many years my dad served as a…

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What Is Going On In Our Schools?

This generation needs the good news of Jesus Christ! Young people are growing up in a world of violence and hate. Only the love of God can make the difference. In the past months we have seen repeated shootings on school campuses. Students are hurting. Families are afraid. Bullying is on the rise. Kids are angry. Even some good kids have started carrying weapons. Darkness and depression have crept over campuses across our nation. What is the answer? The problem is not guns; so the solution cannot be laws. The issue is spiritual and only a heart remedy can meet that need. People need the help and hope found only in Christ. I have been encouraged to see many effectively…

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Preachers Are All Different!

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No two people are the same, and no two preachers are either. The gifts and callings of God are unique in the life of every one of His servants. It is a beautiful revelation of the wisdom of God and a reminder that He can use others who are not exactly like us. Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege to preach in a number of preacher’s fellowships. As I spend time with ministers of all ages and personalities I am reminded that the common denominator is not us but the Christ in us. Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?…Therefore let…

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Advice To A Teenage Preacher

Recently a teenage boy wrote to tell me that God had called him to be a preacher. What a joy to see another generation of young people yielding their lives to serve Christ! He asked if I would give him some advice. Below are the simple things I wrote to my young friend. It is my prayer that other young people will be helped by them. 1. Work on your devotional life. Everything else grows out of your own walk with the Lord. 2. Spend time with your pastor and youth director. Ask them questions and learn all you can. 3. Begin now to witness and serve. If you don’t start now you won’t later. 4. Plan to attend a…

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Tribute to An Encourager

There are a few men who are admired by believers of all backgrounds. These are special men. Men who make an impact far outside their immediate realm of influence. They are the encouragers. People who do not agree on many things often agree that these men helped them along the journey. Preachers and churches of varying sizes and circles of fellowship all want to lay claim on such men. When they are gone they are missed by everyone who was blessed to cross their path. For sure, God gives every man a different kind of ministry. Some men, like the Old Testament prophets, are called on to wound. Others are called on to heal. Some are notable for their pulpit…

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The Lord’s Love for Little Ones

Recently I had the joy of spending a few minutes with a group of children who have given and prayed for our upcoming gospel work in India. What an encouragement to be with boys and girls and see the excitement about life and the Lord on their faces! As I travel the Lord has often used a child to minister to me. “Out of the mouth of babes” God often speaks encouragement. I have a file of notes and drawings made by children in so many places. They are truly the Lord’s messengers to us. And what is our message to them? In the formative years, the tender time of life, children’s hearts are so open to the truth. Hungry…

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Our October Schedule & A Request for Prayer

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Thank you for your continued prayers. A precious lady at a church recently asked me, “What can I pray for specifically?” I love that. Specific prayers bring specific answers. Please pray that God would give His strength for a busy season of ministry. Without Him we can do nothing. With God all things are possible. I know I need the Lord’s enabling. Pray for souls to be saved. We have seen an unusual number of people come to faith in Christ in recent weeks. The salvation of one soul is a miracle! I long to see this fall become a true season of harvest. October is typically a month when many churches have revival meetings. No preacher can bring revival.…

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