Enjoying the Journey

A Moment for The Gospel

Earlier this week I posted 5 Books to Read on Witnessing. In this season of “social distancing” and health fears it is possible that we could all lose sight of the greatest danger – souls being eternally lost. It would be a tragedy if, while we give attention to physical things, we neglect spiritual realities. People are dying every day in their sins and God’s people have the cure. A few days ago I was preaching in another state. The pastor and a couple of ministry interns said that they were going out to speak to people door to door about the Lord. They were, of course, using every precaution and speaking to people only on the front steps of…

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This Is Our Generation

Last night I finished preaching in another youth conference. These are special meetings and more needed than ever. It was a privilege to have our daughter Morgan with me on this trip. Having teenagers of your own changes your whole perspective! As I looked at a sea of faces last night, hundreds of young men and young women, I was reminded of something very important – This is our generation to reach and teach for Christ. Fifteen years ago I had a sermon that I preached to young people entitled “This Is My Generation.” At the time, I was part of the same generation as those I was preaching to. I am a little older now and the young generation is now…

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Acres of Diamonds

When I was thirteen years old an elderly preacher in the mountains of West Virginia gave me a book.  It was old and dusty.  There were no pictures and at the time it seemed like a good book just to put on the shelf.  Several years passed before I actually read its yellowed pages, but after reading them I would never forget them. Russell Conwell was a preacher and educator.  He started what is now known as Temple University in Philadelphia.  Conwell traveled the world giving a very famous lecture over 5,000 times.  Any honorarium that was given to him was in turn given to some young person to help them through college.  But the value of his lecture was…

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