Enjoying the Journey

The Scariest Job In the World

Every job has its drawbacks and even its dangers. But, what is the scariest job in the world? It is a job that many of us have! The scariest job in the world is parenting.  The demands, the implications, the complications…about the time you start to figure a few things out your kids are almost grown. Tammy and I are at a new season in our lives as two of our children are in college and the youngest is less than three years from finishing high school. Over lunch recently I told friends that this phase of parenting has been the most challenging for me personally. I have loved every stage but as your children get older there are unique…

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5 Books To Read To Help Young People

Much of my ministry has been connected to young people. It was my privilege to serve for many years as a church youth director. I enjoyed teaching youth ministry at a college level and continue to enjoy working with camps and youth conferences. The most important “youth ministry” I have been part of is having teenagers of our own! I wish that there were many books that I felt comfortable recommending on youth ministry. Far too much that is written is man-centered and felt-needs oriented. We must always begin with God’s truth and then make the application to people of every age. Here are a few books that provide a variety of helps for young people and those who work…

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