Enjoying the Journey

A Thought On This Labor Day

Men must learn to work. They must also learn to rest. The first mention of rest in Scripture is found in Genesis 2 where it is tied directly to the work of God. Man needs rest that only the Creator can provide. In our fast paced society we often find it hard to rest. The work is never done. Never enough. This evening we begin The Preacher’s Rest in Hickory, NC. I am excited to share with the preachers who will attend a copy of Vance Havner’s classic book, Rest Awhile. One brief excerpt from it is so powerful: Resting for God is as important as working for God. We often do more by doing less. “Come apart,” said the Lord…

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Portrait of a Peacemaker

In a world of strife peace is a wonderful thing.  There is a peace that is connected to truth and there is a peace that compromises it.  Peace can never become the goal; only the God of peace deserves that honor.  But when the God of peace rules in a man’s heart it will show up in his relationships with others. If you find a man who loves contention and debate you have met a man in whom the God of peace does not have His rightful place.  In our Lord’s most famous sermon He declared, “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9).  This is one of the distinguishing marks of God’s…

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A Remedy for Every Fear

Google the word phobia.  Fear has reached epidemic proportions.  Millions of Americans live in fear every day.  Worse, many believers have become content with allowing fear to control their lives. The first mention of fear in the Bible is in Genesis 3:10.  Adam and Eve had sinned against God and, because of their sin, are afraid of the very presence of God.  Fear comes because we are now living in a fallen world.  We view everything, including God, differently than the Lord intended when He created us.  From that moment, fear became part of life in a broken world.  Fear is a reality as long as we “live outside of Eden.” I am glad God’s Word on the subject does not end…

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