Enjoying the Journey

The Greatest Gospel Moment In A Generation

My grandpa remembered where he was when Pearl Harbor was attacked. My dad remembers where he was when JFK was shot. I remember where I was when the planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. My children will remember the global pandemic of 2020. There are moments in every generation that fix themselves forever in our memory. Over 100,000 people have now died around the world from COVID-19. Many more have been awakened to their mortality and frailty. We all are thinking more about life and eternity. People are asking questions, reading Bibles, watching church services online, and wondering what the future holds. I believe we are living in the greatest gospel moment in a generation. On this Easter…

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The Misconception Of “Mass Evangelism”

There is nothing in this world quite like seeing an eternal soul come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that Scripture teaches God’s love for all people and that Christ died for every person (John 3:16). Believers are privileged and responsible to share the good news of salvation with “every creature” (Mark 16:15). We should use every God-honoring means at our disposal to get this message out! One misconception that is common in a world of mass media and mass messaging is that somehow the majority of people will be saved through mass evangelism. Many people have a picture in their minds of a well spoken evangelist blowing through town and preaching dynamic sermons with great crowds…

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What I Observed From A Seasoned Soulwinner

On Tuesday a dear man in the church where I was preaching asked if we could go witnessing together. It was such a privilege to listen to him share Christ with holy enthusiasm. He has been doing it for over half a century. I asked him how he started sharing his faith. He said that as a young professional he went witnessing with another believer. As he listened to his friend lead a family to Christ he said, “I was hooked!” It still has not grown old. Through the years I have knocked on many doors and engaged lots of people in conversation. I have learned from others how to speak about Christ. But this man’s spirit was contagious! When…

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