Enjoying the Journey

What We Miss While We Are Looking At Our Phones

Have you noticed? Everyone is looking at their mobile device…constantly! In the grocery store. Around the dinner table. Driving down the road. Walking through town. Consumed with a digital world, we are no longer conscious of the world God placed us in. Concerned about connections and messages we are losing real relationships with those who are closest to us on earth. We have added so much information and interaction to life – have we stopped to consider what we may be losing? While we are looking at our phones… We miss what is above us. When you are always looking down it is impossible to look up. Recently I walked outside and paused for a moment to look up. The…

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New Ministry Contact Information!

Yesterday we published our quarterly family newsletter. (If you did not receive it you may read it here.) In it we released some information that I wanted to pass along to others regarding a new ministry phone number. It is my desire to help as many pastors and churches as possible. At this juncture I need some additional assistance in scheduling and working out details. The Lord is giving us a team of people who want to be a blessing as we move forward. We now have a dedicated ministry phone number. It is 304.712.9423. From that number you can request to schedule a meeting. Kimberly will be the person who helps to coordinate meeting requests with available weeks. You…

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